Awning vs. Slider - The Window Debate to End All Window Debates

Now that it's clear the old windows have to go, there's the matter of deciding what window design or designs will replace them. There's always the option of going with standard casement windows and at least one movable sash, but many people find they like the idea of awning windows or sliding windows.

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Why Fibreglass May Be The Answer When Changing Your Front Door

The time has come to invest in a new front door, but you are not sure going with another wooden door is the best idea. As it happens, you are correct. There are other door options that you should consider carefully. One of the smartest things you could do is consider the merits of Ottawa ...

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Upgrade Your Basement and Give Yourself Added Income

Have you ever thought about developing another source of recurring revenue but hate the idea of taking a second job? The solution may be simple than you realize. If you happen to have a basement in your home, that space could be upgraded into a cozy and comfortable studio apartment. Here are some ideas on ...

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Vinyl Bow Windows Can Really Accentuate Your Living Space

As you consider options for updating the home, have you considered what adding a bow window would do for the living room, dining room, or even the master bedroom? This particular window style can do a great deal to bring out the more attractive elements of your living space as well as be a great ...

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Assessing Insulating Value on Your Home’s Doors

When it comes to choosing doors for the home, not everyone stops to think about the insulating value. In fact, this is one of the factors that need to be considered closely. Fortunately, many manufacturers make it easy to assess the insulating value of all types of residential doors. It all comes back to understanding ...

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