Awning vs. Slider - The Window Debate to End All Window Debates

Now that it's clear the old windows have to go, there's the matter of deciding what window design or designs will replace them. There's always the option of going with standard casement windows and at least one movable sash, but many people find they like the idea of awning windows or sliding windows.

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Do Vinyl Windows Hold Up in Ottawa Winters?
Before making a choice about the new windows, sit down with an expert and go through the pros and cons associated with each type of window material.
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Fiberglass Vs. Wood Doors: What Should I Choose for My New Home?
Many homeowners wonder about the merits of fiberglass doors versus wooden doors. Here are some important points to keep in mind before making a choice.
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Repair vs. Replace - Know Your Window Facts before You Tackle a Home Reno Project

Home renovation projects can be exciting, especially when everything starts coming together and the end results become more visible. However, many property owners end up overspending or trying to repair windows when they should actually be replaced. Below are a few signs to look for, which indicate that windows replacement should be performed instead of ...

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7 Amazingly Creative Front Door Designs

A broad range of front door is available in the market that offers an extensive range of designs and colors. Some of the amazing front door designs and styles are given in this article.

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