What Do I Need to Look for in Replacement Exterior Doors?

As any expert will tell you, exterior doors will last an average of 30 years. How many years of use you get from a front or back door depends on the original quality and how well you maintain it. If you've decided that a current exterior door has seen better days, there are a few ...

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Sliding Patio Doors: The Entrance Way for Ottawa’s Best Hosts to Welcome Guests to a Great Party

Nothing bests having a house party in the summer. One of the things you should consider is which entrance your guest should use when they arrive. It may seem a little unconventional, but there are definite advantages to having your guests make their entrances through the sliding glass patio doors. Here are some points to ...

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3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Windows

Residential windows don't last forever. In fact, many experts agree that if you are able to get as much as 30 years of use from them, you are doing quite well. Since you've been in the home for a number of years and are getting close to retiring the mortgage, you may want to think ...

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Why are Vinyl Windows So Popular on Ottawa Homes?

From 2011 through 2016, contractors in the Ottawa area have reported that their customers prefer to install new vinyl windows rather than go with any other type of window material. There is every indication that vinyl windows will continue in the years ahead. What is it that makes the idea of an Ottawa vinyl windows ...

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Spruce Up The Front of Your Home With These 3 Window Types

Now that some of the other bills are paid, you'd like to make some updates to your home. One of the first changes to consider is investing in new windows. Since there is no rule mandating that you keep the same window design, why not consider going with something different? Here are some possibilities for ...

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