Awning Windows

Awning windows offer the perfect blend of security and energy efficiency for your home. Our corner drive & multi-point locks allow our awning windows to open up to a full 45-degree range of motion. Their versatility also comes with optimized ventilation, allowing fresh air into your home whether rain or shine.

Add a new touch to your home with our specially designed customizable awning-style windows. All of our exclusive LOCKTIGHT™ windows are made with 100% uPVC material in order to guarantee stronger frames, enhanced efficiency, and premium performance.

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Awning Windows
Features and Benefits

Enjoy a magnificent outdoor view

Insulating, condensation-preventing, multi-chambered design

Weather sealing for controlled airflow

Corner drive and secure corrosion-proof multipoint locking system

Energy efficient: spend LESS on heating and cooling

Custom-manufactured styles, sizes, and colours

Wide variety of sizes and unlimited designs

Super strength structural and thermal chambers

Protective sealed frames for impact resistance

Excellent unobstructed ventilation

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Awning Windows
Colour Options

Enrich your home with our exquisite scope of top-grade awning window colour choices. From ageless standards to contemporary shades, our selection suits varied visuals. Immerse in elegance, blending seamlessly into any layout: made with accuracy and lasting excellence, our windows aren't just outward scenes, but canvases for both in and out. Explore boundless potential as you start a customization journey, shifting your spaces stylishly and vibrantly.

Glass Options

At Big City Windows & Doors, our extensive array of window glass choices goes beyond aesthetics. Our state-of-the-art glass technology delivers not only superb clarity but also dependable security. Whether it's energy-efficient double-glazed panels or impact-resistant laminated glass, we present options that enhance your living space while protecting your family. Experience unaltered vistas and tranquillity as our glass selections redefine transparency, guaranteeing your residence remains a sanctuary of elegance and safety.



Elevate your environment with our LoE 180 double-paned glass. Unrivalled insulation and UV protection ensure optimal energy efficiency, seamlessly combined with aesthetic excellence.


Embrace the pinnacle of energy performance using our LoE 189 triple-paned glass. Unleash unmatched thermal efficiency and sound reduction, creating an oasis of tranquillity while lowering energy costs.

Awning Window Frame

Engineered to endure over time, our window frames redefine resilience. Every window frame choice at Big City Windows & Doors masterfully merges strength and style: meticulously crafted, our frames stand up to the elements while retaining their charm for years ahead. Enjoy assurance as your living areas stay secure and visually appealing. With dedication to longevity and excellence, we provide an array of frame selections that synchronize with your perspective, assuring your investment embodies enduring grace.

Low-E Glass Coatings

Benefit from low emissive coatings by maximizing your home's energy efficiency. In the winter, Low-E glass coating helps retain more heat in your home while reflecting heat during summertime, thereby lowering heating costs year in and year out. Choose from our selection of LoE-180, LoE-272, LoE-366 and LoE-i89 glass to deliver you the comfort your home deserves.

Window Grills & Divided Lights

Enhance your windows using our varied selection of glass types, infusing a hint of elegance. With Simulated Divided Lite (SDL), our groundbreaking grid installation approach seamlessly merging beauty with usability, emanating ageless allure through a divided pane appearance while guaranteeing effortless upkeep. Be it indoors or outdoors, our SDL grids provide a harmonious visual attraction that suits any architectural design. Encounter the ideal fusion of aesthetics and utility with our window grilles and divided lights.

Heavy-duty Hardware

Built to endure the passage of time, our hardware guarantees smooth operation and lasting dependability. From sturdy hinges to reliable locks, our high-strength choices provide peak security and functionality. Crafted to perfectly match our windows, enjoy the tranquillity that accompanies hardware capable of withstanding the demands of daily use, assuring your residence stays both secure and effortlessly fashionable.

Innovative Essentials for Enhanced Performance

Did you know that 25 percent of your energy costs can be the result of faulty windows? That is why many homeowners are investing in LOCKTIGHT™ window replacements. If your older windows in poor condition, they could be increasing your annual energy expenses by as much as 40%! Fortunately, Big City Windows & Doors offers the best glass and glazing home solutions available on the market.


Strong and durable mesh

Using a streamlined, pinless operating system, our fixed casement windows are made convenient and easy to use. Their functional and stylish design complements their rust resistant frame and strong and durable mesh.



Our Superspacer ensures the best insulation protection for your home while maintaining flexibility and durability, as well as enhancing insulating glass unit performance.


Multi-point lock

Superior high-quality LOCKTIGHT™ locking systems provide maximum security along with improved insulation.

Awning Windows Pros & Cons

Awning windows offer a range of advantages and considerations that shape your window selection.




Awning windows excel at providing efficient ventilation. Their design allows them to be opened from the bottom, creating a funnel effect for fresh air to circulate into a room, promoting a comfortable indoor environment.


Can Be in an Open Position During Rain or Storms

Unlike many other window types, awning windows can remain partially open even during rain or storms. The outward opening design creates a protective shield, preventing water from entering the interior.


Modern Look

Awning windows contribute to a contemporary aesthetic. Their sleek and stylish appearance adds a touch of modernity to any space, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your home.


Provide Light into a Room

These windows are adept at capturing natural light while maintaining privacy. Their design allows sunlight to enter from above while obstructing direct views into the room.


Match Almost any Interior Decorating

With their versatile design, awning windows complement a wide range of interior decorating styles. They seamlessly integrate into both traditional and modern settings.


Tend to Catch Dirt

The outward-opening design of awning windows can make them prone to collecting dirt and debris on the exterior surface. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain their appearance.

Not Easy to Escape Through in an Emergency

In emergency situations, awning windows may pose challenges for quick exit due to their opening mechanism. This limitation should be considered when planning your home's safety features.

Awning Windows Project Process

Experience a seamless journey from selection to perfection
with our awning window project process.


Free Consultation

The voyage starts with a one-on-one consultation. Our consultants speak with you about your necessities, choices, and design visions, ensuring a comprehensive solution.


Final Measurement

Precision is of utmost importance. Our consultants perform thorough measurements, ensuring precise window specifications that flawlessly match your home's architectural structure.



Equipped with your specifications, we initiate the production of your windows. Employing top-notch materials, state-of-the-art technology, and meticulous attention, we fabricate windows that harmonize both form and function.



Our skilled installers step into the spotlight, transforming your vision into reality. With adept precision, they securely install your windows, ensuring both peak functionality and visual allure.

Our Innovative Windows Technology
See the comparison between generic window and LOCKTIGHT™
PVC Window
Air Tightness
Energy Efficiency
Easy to Maintain

Awning Windows Gallery

Our Reputation is built on Trust and Quality


The company salesman was great rep. He provided all necessary information and facilitated us applying for the government-sponsored interest free loan.
Fourteen windows where quickly changed by competent, knowledgeable and courteous workers. They answered all of our questions and looked after any worries we might have had. The complicated metal sheet flashing of all the windows in our mansard-type roof was done very well. Everything looks great and the house already starting to feel warmer. No cold is felt on the hands when in contact with the vinyl of the windows and very little when on the triple pan glass. Thank you so much to all of the Big City Windows & Doors staff for a job well done.


Weve had nothing but the absolute best service from Big City Windows. They redid all the windows and doors in our heritage house, and we werent easy clients! My dad was in the business for many years, so we had a detailed list of what we wanted and high expectations for how it was to be done Big City installed everything a month ago, and my dad is still singing their praises! Everyone who comes to the house, even strangers, remarks on how gorgeous our new front door is!


Did an awesome Job installing the windows. No major issues. The windows were Installed and ain a timely fashion..they cleaned up after themselves. This is the second time we have used this company.


We recently purchased a older home, Big City Windows helped us with redesigning the whole thing! They really go above and beyond for their clients we could not be happier with the results.

Our doors are showstoppers and the windows keep the house soo warm in the winter. We were hesitant about having them installed during the winter winter months but it was totally worth it- We were feeling the difference instantly!

We highly recommend Big City Windows for your next window project!


We are very satisfied with the work and expertise of the staff who handled our contract. From the sales agent, to the person who took the measurements and to the two installers, everyone was professional and respectful. The installers were perfectionists, their work was excellent. We will share your company.


I had Big City Windows replace a patio door and a large living room window, through a recommendation from our neighbour. Well from the start of the process, to the finish. I couldnt be happier. The quality of work was next to none, the quality of the materials used were amazing The 2 employees were great!! They arrived first thing in yhe morning and worked their butts off till the job was done. My wife and I are completely satisfied!! They left a clean work place when they were done.


It was a seamless experience getting my windows, and patio door replaced with Big City Windows. Timelines were met. The window installation team was professional, and I was very impressed with the work they did.


Employees were helpful at all stages: from check measure, purchase, delivery and installation. Received the patio doors in the time indicated. Installation was professional and clean up was amazing! Their pricing was great! I would recommend Big City Windows and Doors for anyone that is looking for this service. You will not be disappointed.


Big City Windows and Doors is by far one of the best companies with which we have dealt. They took the time to look over our project and come up with recommendations that met our needs.
We had a new side door and door from the house to the garage replaced. We really like the new self closing hinges on the door to the garage.
The installation team was amazing. They took even the smallest detail into account when finishing up the install. You would have never known they were there.
We're already saving towards replacing our front door to make a matching set.
They will be getting our business for the foreseeable future for sure.


Very happy I was shown different windows styles. We went with the larger pane and smaller opening window. It's like looking through a clear opening. We have a big bushy backyard, so nice to see it so well. I actually had a couple deer come peek all I could see were these big ears in the dark. Our windows are lower. Also went with vinyl them. There easy to wash and remove when painting around them.
The installers were also fantastic, they even re-adjusted our front door from last march 2023 without my asking.
Thank you very much.

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