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The days of poorly insulated and drafty entry doors are quickly coming to an end with the rising popularity of the insulated steel door. Steel door manufacturers maintain that a storm door is not necessary to keep your home comfortable, and even go so far as to void their warranty if one is installed.


Unfortunately, during the warmer months, homeowners still crave the features that a storm door brings by allowing airflow into the house and a view of the outdoors without allowing insects or other pests entry into their home.

Entrance enclosures are the perfect solution to this problem – they provide all the benefits of a storm door and much more, all without voiding the steel door warranty!


What are Entrance Enclosures?

Many homes have been built with a roof or second floor sheltering the main entrance. These porch areas typically have one or more openings with either a square or curved top. Entrance enclosures are custom-fabricated glass panels and doors made from 1 3/4" aluminum rail designed to fit into these openings.

Even if your home does not have an alcove, you can still have an enclosure! We can provide flat and curved glass roofs if there is no overhang.


Porch Enclosure Variety

Big City Windows and Doors provides a variety of porch enclosures designed for comfort improvements & enhancing curb appeal for homeowners. It ranges from glass single doors & transoms to options that include screens, double doors, panels, and more! Get in touch if you have questions about the exact measurements for a porch enclosure project.

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When choosing the right porch enclosure, it's essential to understand the benefits
it can bring to your home. Here's how our entrance enclosure systems excel:



Our porch enclosures are designed with durability in mind. Each panel is securely fastened together using specialized connector pieces. This ensures a sturdy wall structure that serves as a reliable base for mounting storm doors, providing a secure doorway.


Curb Appeal

Our porch enclosure systems are engineered with aesthetics in mind. Featuring slip channels, they adapt seamlessly to uneven or non-square walls and floors – this attention to detail results in a visually pleasing installation that enhances the overall curb appeal of your home.


Screen Protection

One of the key benefits of our porch enclosures is their utilization of screens as a barrier against bothersome bugs, such as wasps and mosquitoes. With our tightly sealed installation, homeowners can enjoy the outdoor weather without the inconvenience of these pests

Other benefits of our porch enclosures include:

Protection from the elements

Keep the snow and rain away from your entranc

A winter buffer zone keeps heat in and drafts and snow out

Extra space for boots, coats, and plants

Summer ventilation

No worries about steel door warranties

Added home value

A touch of class

At Big City Windows and Doors, our enclosure systems are particularly well-suited for curved and angled applications. We are proud to provide the most durable materials for your next porch enclosure project in the Ottawa Valley & Gatineau Area.

Our Reputation is built on Trust and Quality


Very happy I was shown different windows styles. We went with the larger pane and smaller opening window. It's like looking through a clear opening. We have a big bushy backyard, so nice to see it so well. I actually had a couple deer come peek in...lol. all I could see were these big ears in the dark. Our windows are lower. Also went with vinyl frames...love them. There easy to wash and remove when painting around them.
The installers were also fantastic, they even re-adjusted our front door from last march 2023 without my asking.
Thank you very much.


The company salesman was great rep. He provided all necessary information and facilitated us applying for the government-sponsored interest free loan.
Fourteen windows where quickly changed by competent, knowledgeable and courteous workers. They answered all of our questions and looked after any worries we might have had. The complicated metal sheet flashing of all the windows in our mansard-type roof was done very well. Everything looks great and the house already starting to feel warmer. No cold is felt on the hands when in contact with the vinyl of the windows and very little when on the triple pan glass. Thank you so much to all of the Big City Windows & Doors staff for a job well done.


Weve had nothing but the absolute best service from Big City Windows. They redid all the windows and doors in our heritage house, and we werent easy clients! My dad was in the business for many years, so we had a detailed list of what we wanted and high expectations for how it was to be done Big City installed everything a month ago, and my dad is still singing their praises! Everyone who comes to the house, even strangers, remarks on how gorgeous our new front door is!


Did an awesome Job installing the windows. No major issues. The windows were Installed and ain a timely fashion..they cleaned up after themselves. This is the second time we have used this company.


We recently purchased a older home, Big City Windows helped us with redesigning the whole thing! They really go above and beyond for their clients we could not be happier with the results.

Our doors are showstoppers and the windows keep the house soo warm in the winter. We were hesitant about having them installed during the winter winter months but it was totally worth it- We were feeling the difference instantly!

We highly recommend Big City Windows for your next window project!


We are very satisfied with the work and expertise of the staff who handled our contract. From the sales agent, to the person who took the measurements and to the two installers, everyone was professional and respectful. The installers were perfectionists, their work was excellent. We will share your company.


I had Big City Windows replace a patio door and a large living room window, through a recommendation from our neighbour. Well from the start of the process, to the finish. I couldnt be happier. The quality of work was next to none, the quality of the materials used were amazing The 2 employees were great!! They arrived first thing in yhe morning and worked their butts off till the job was done. My wife and I are completely satisfied!! They left a clean work place when they were done.


It was a seamless experience getting my windows, and patio door replaced with Big City Windows. Timelines were met. The window installation team was professional, and I was very impressed with the work they did.


Employees were helpful at all stages: from check measure, purchase, delivery and installation. Received the patio doors in the time indicated. Installation was professional and clean up was amazing! Their pricing was great! I would recommend Big City Windows and Doors for anyone that is looking for this service. You will not be disappointed.


Big City Windows and Doors is by far one of the best companies with which we have dealt. They took the time to look over our project and come up with recommendations that met our needs.
We had a new side door and door from the house to the garage replaced. We really like the new self closing hinges on the door to the garage.
The installation team was amazing. They took even the smallest detail into account when finishing up the install. You would have never known they were there.
We're already saving towards replacing our front door to make a matching set.
They will be getting our business for the foreseeable future for sure.

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