Types of Windows

Windows in Ottawa come in a number of different frame and glazing types. Each bringing their own pros and cons. By combining an energy-efficient windows choice with a glazing type tailored to your climate and application, you can customize each of your home's windows to accommodate your needs and budget the best. WINDOW FRAME VARIETIES ...

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Big City Windows and Doors is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Tree Canada!

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our commitment to sustainability, and underscores our dedication to making a positive impact on the environment...

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Window Replacement Cost in Ottawa

From changing your home's appearance to upgrading its energy efficiency, working with a window company to replace older windows and doors is a necessity for modern Ottawa homeowners. The cost of window and door replacement in Canada can vary depending on the location, style, material, and size of your replacement project. In addition to the ...

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Double Pane or Triple Pane Windows?

With the emergence of double pane and triple pane windows, there is a whole new world of home renovation options to explore – but, which one should you choose? The answer lies in understanding the difference between these two options, and how they can improve your home or office environment. What Are Double-Pane and Triple-Pane ...

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What to Look for in a Window Replacement Company in Ottawa

Replacing your windows can significantly improve the look of your home, helping it appear modern and appealing year-round. Furthermore, the replacement process will not only save you money in the long run on maintenance costs, but also improve your home's curb appeal. When replacing your windows, finding a company you can trust to carry out ...

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