Window Replacement Cost

Window and door replacement is often considered by home owners when they're coming to the end of their useful life, the home owner wants to change the home's appearance or improve energy efficiency levels. Even though modern vinyl windows can last up to 25 years, they do need to be replaced eventually. The cost to ...

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After a long year of being in and out of quarantine, the need for home owners to be comfortable inside their own residences has never been greater. Neither has the need for a practical and functional home environment where stresses are few and style is obvious. The pandemic has made us realize that there really ...

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Am I Choosing The Right Entry Door in Ottawa?

Did you know there are many different styles of entry doors in Ottawa that can suit different home setups? Choosing the right Ottawa entry door isn't always obvious but it can be one of the biggest decisions you make. Why is Choosing the Right Door So Important? Not every Ottawa entry door is made the ...

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6 Benefits Of Installing Awning Windows For Your Home

It's time to replace windows Ottawa in your home. Settling for the same design is not something that holds a lot of appeal. Why not look into the advantages that awning windows provide? Here are several benefits that demonstrate why so many homeowners prefer this replacement option.

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What Do I Need to Look for in Replacement Exterior Doors?

As any expert will tell you, exterior doors will last an average of 30 years. How many years of use you get from a front or back door depends on the original quality and how well you maintain it. If you've decided that a current exterior door has seen better days, there are a few ...

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