Window Replacement Cost

Window and door replacement is often considered by home owners when they're coming to the end of their useful life, the home owner wants to change the home's appearance or improve energy efficiency levels. Even though modern vinyl windows can last up to 25 years, they do need to be replaced eventually.

The cost to replace windows and doors in Canada will depend, to an extent, on your location. However, the range that most window replacement companies offer to their clients depends on the style, material, and size of the window replacement. Let's discuss the average cost of whole house window replacement as well as single replacements, the types of windows you can purchase, and some pros and benefits of each.

How Much To Replace Windows

Awning Windows $390-$820
Casement Windows $260-$950
Single Hung Windows $250-$800
Double Hung Windows $190-$780
Bay Windows $960-$4650
Bow Windows $1900-$5800
Slider/Sliding Windows $190-$650

Though the average cost to replace windows will vary depending on what you're after and where you are, there are some guide prices for Ottawa. Below, we'll give you the average cost of Ottawa's most popular window styles.

Awning Windows

Awning Windows

How Much Do Awning Windows Cost

Average cost: $390-$820

Awning style windows are a favoured choice for homes because they capture swathes of natural light and can be kept open when it rains. Window awning prices do differ depending on where you're located. On average, the cost to install awning windows varies from $390 to $820 per awning window.

Awning style replacement windows may come in a variety of materials including fiberglass, acrylic and wood. But vinyl replacement awning windows remain the most popular choice due to the material's durability and lack of need for maintenance. If you're looking for vinyl replacement awning windows, you're in the right place.

Casement Windows

Сasement Windows

How Much Do Сasement Windows Cost

Average cost: $390-$820

Casement window styles are a popular choice for Canadian homeowners. On average, the cost to install casement windows will vary from $390 to $820 per casement window.

The reasons for their popularity revolve around the design's appropriateness for most homes. The simple but effective design means they're very secure and they also provide excellent ventilation for the indoor space. Another positive is that casement window parts are commonly stocked and affordable, so any problems that need to be fixed quickly can be.

Single-Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows

How Much Do Single Hung Windows Cost

Average cost: $250-$800

The single hung windows style is an alternative and more affordable design to the casement style. On average, the cost to install single hung windows will vary from $250 to $800 per single hung window. In fact, the range of single hung window sizes means the prices will increase as the size does.

This affordability means single hung vinyl replacement windows do come with some drawbacks. The top and bottom sash construction can open fully. Though this is ideal for ventilation, it poses a potential security concern and is therefore not appropriate for everyone. If you're not sure about the best single hung windows for your home or apartment, contact our technician and they'll guide you through it step-by-step.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-Hung Windows

How Much Do Double Hung Windows Cost

Average cost: $190-$780

Modern double hung windows are a huge improvement over earlier designs. Double hung window prices are also a sound middle ground between the single hung and casement windows. The average cost to replace double hung windows varies from $190 to $780 per double hung window. Similarly, double-hung window parts are affordable and easy to find, meaning fixes are quick.

This is an adaptable style that works well within any residential home settling so while the best vinyl double-hung windows for you will depend on your personal situation, the style is accommodating enough to fit most residential needs. If you're looking for double hung replacement windows prices, simply pick up the phone or drop us a line to find out the best Big City Window quotes.

Single/Double Slider Windows

Sliding Windows

How Much Do Sliding Windows Cost

Average cost: $190-$650

The sliding window design brings a classic look to any residence and is commonly seen in townhouses across the country. Single slider windows are often used in smaller rooms like the bathroom, while the double sliding window is adaptable for larger spaces.

Benefits include the accessibility of sliding window parts, their ease of use and durability. The overall price depends on the sliding windows sizes you decide upon. On average, the cost to install sliding windows will vary from $190 to $650 per sliding window. Be assured that a single or double slider window replacement won't break the bank and can be found easily when needed.

Bay Windows

Bay Windows

How Much Does A Bay Window Cost To Replace

Average cost: $960-$4650

The modern bay window should not need replacing for a long time unless it's received impact damage or very heavy use. Assuming that the bay window installation was correctly performed, you should receive 25 years' use. Due to the multiple window design - there are usually 3 panes in every structure - bay window may vary considerably. Though the price is steeper than other styles, the design helps open up a room and brings in maximum available light with a wide view. The average cost to replace bay windows varies from $960 to $4650 per bay window. If you're looking for bay window ideas, or have any questions, simply get in touch today.

Bow Windows

Bow Windows

How Much Does A Bow Window Cost

Average cost: $1900-$5800

Bow window styles are strikingly similar to the bay window style but have one main differentiator: they're curved rather than straight and therefore take up a little less space. That said, bow windows sizes and prices are effectively the same as bay windows and add great sill space to open up a room further. On average, the cost to install bow windows will vary from $1900 to $5800 per bow window.

Like the bay style, bow is more expensive than other window styles but imposes itself on the architecture of the home, helping increase curb appeal and acting as a feature. Contact us to ask for bow window replacement ideas for you.

Entry Doors

Entry Doors

How Much To Install Entry Door

Homes need attractive and secure front entry doors to beautify a property while keeping those inside completely safe. The best type of entry door will depend on the feature you're looking for. Fiberglass is a versatile and modern-looking choice but can get expensive. The steel door is particularly popular for modern apartment stores where a sleek look is desired. Front entry door ideas can be found anywhere - just look around!

What Affects the Cost of Window Replacement

There's no easy answer to the how much do replacement windows cost question: it's all about what you need. The average cost to replace windows that are 3 panes wide and deliver sill space, like the bay window, is obviously higher than the single sash. It's imperative that you know what you want and need so that you can spend your money accordingly. Factors like energy efficiency rating of the window style, as well as the coating of the window pain, can also push prices up, so this is also important to know.

But when you choose Big City Windows, our trained and experienced professional window techs guide you through the journey windows replacement Ottawa. They can answer any questions you have openly and honestly so that you can be completely comfortable in our care. If you'd like to replace your windows in Ottawa, call us today!