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Vinyl Windows Vs. Wood Windows: Why You Should Choose Vinyl Windows for Your Home?

When upgrading the windows and doors in your home, choosing the best option for your windows is a consideration you must make based on more than just your preference. As a result, many homeowners find themselves facing a dilemma: which is better, wood or vinyl windows?

Whichever decision you make, it's important to make sure that your windows will be long-lasting and durable to minimize frequent maintenance costs down the line.

While both options are strong choices, their features differ significantly. Therefore, choosing the one with the right benefits for you will allow you to achieve the best solution for the window replacements in your home.

What Are Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows are made from the plastic material known as Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which is a synthetic compound. Vinyl window frames are made from uniform, typically white PVC that requires no additional surface coats of paint.

PVC offers excellent insulation properties, lowering maintenance costs and saving you money on energy bills. With vinyl windows, you will also be able to customize your window's size, design, and style, as they can be made in a variety of different shapes and configurations.

What Are Wood Windows?

Wood windows are made from douglas fir or pine wood, with their exteriors usually covered with a fibreglass, PVC, or extruded aluminum coating. Their internal frames retain their natural wood colour, even when the exterior is painted.

Wood windows are great for those looking for a natural aesthetic for their home, and can be trimmed to fit any desired shape.

Advantages of Choosing Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows feature the following advantages when it comes to replacing the windows in your home:

1. Durability

Generally, vinyl windows can withstand extreme weather conditions, high moisture levels, and raised temperatures to a degree that wood windows cannot, as they are much more resistant to decay. Their corners are also mechanically connected to help frames maintain their shape and resist warping.

Made from PVC materials, vinyl windows offer exceptional strength and a high degree of impact resistance, lasting many years without needing any maintenance or replacement.

2. Easy to install

Installing vinyl windows is easy, unlike wood windows, as they're made from smooth and textured frames that allow for customized fits. Their slim sizes and shapes also enhance the visual appeal of your home.

3. Low Maintenance

Vinyl windows require less maintenance, as they are easy to clean. Compared to wood windows that crack and rot over time, vinyl windows are resistant to extreme environments, due largely to ultraviolet stabilizers preventing the effects of sunlight from degrading their material. Moreover, vinyl is moisture-resistant, meaning it will not warp or swell over time.

Most vinyl windows do not lose their colour like wood windows do when exposed to sunlight, saving on maintenance costs and the costs of repainting discoloration.

4. Quality Installation

Installing vinyl windows is easy and efficient, as vinyl is made of a synthetic material that is strong and highly flexible. Vinyl windows enhance the look and design of your home, and their installation provides a unique and appealing overall aesthetic.

Vinyl windows are designed to fit the diverse styles and sizes of your window openings, easing the process of customization. The flexibility of vinyl windows makes them a great option for window replacements.

Vinyl windows are the best alternative for homeowners who need durable and affordable windows, unlike those made of wood and aluminum. The merits of vinyl windows, such as easy installation, low maintenance demands, and increased efficiency, are what make them an excellent choice - moreover, since they do not warp and rot, their strength is further enhanced to increase durability in your home.

At Big City Windows and Doors, we understand the importance of providing quality vinyl windows you can rely on to last you as long as you need for the home of your dreams. Reach out to a member of our team today to get started on choosing the window replacement option that's right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are vinyl windows better than wood?

Vinyl windows are more durable, as they do not rot, warp, or rust easily, ensuring you save money on repairs and maintenance in the long run when caring for your windows.

In addition, vinyl windows are scratch resistant, meaning they last longer in environments prone to extreme temperatures and unpredictable weather conditions. In fact, replacement costs of vinyl windows tend to run approximately 15% less when compared to those of wood windows.

Comparatively, replacing wood windows with vinyl ones is the cheaper option.

Do vinyl windows last as long as wood?

Wood windows can last up to an average of 15- 20 years in most Canadian homes, which is a bit shorter than the average lifespan of vinyl windows. Meanwhile, the expected lifespan of vinyl windows is more than 20 years.

This is primarily due to the fact that wood windows are at a higher risk of warp and rot compared to vinyl windows, rendering them less durable in the long run.

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