The single door 2 panel and transom is durable, being of 1 ¾" to 2" thickness, and can fit almost all standard brick openings of a width from 48" to 124". Since it is a single panel, it is very quick and easy to install when handled by windows company Ottawa and are thus perfect for those running tight schedules. This architectural entrance is available in seven different colours and in several different styles. Not only this, but upon purchase, one would also be able to select from a variety of handles choices, and be granted the option to add house numbers and a threshold to better seal the door bottom.

Now, if you are still debating whether or not to renovate, it may be in your best interest to also consider the benefits that a good porch enclosure may gift to any given household; some of which are listed among the following points:

  • Enhanced security: Between the outside world and your front door, a porch entryway is one more barrier that any potential intruders will be forced to face. This seemingly simple architectural addition will provide extra time for you and your family to take hold of the situation, in turn increasing your chances of survival.
  • More private living space: There is nothing quite like enjoying some alone time right outside of the house as you bask in the day(or night)light.
  • Added value to the residence: Enclosed porches have a unique look that allows the house to stand out. This quality of it is what catches the eyes of many consumers. The market is similar to a competition and the buyers are like the judges.

It is time to show your households style and artistic sense to the world!