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How Often Should Windows Be Replaced?

Maintaining the integrity and visual appeal of your home requires regular upkeep, and windows are no exception. The question of when to replace windows looms large for homeowners & business owners, impacting not just comfort but also energy efficiency and property value. In this blog post, we explore why windows need to be replaced every 15 - 20 years, how they become worn out, and how replacing your windows can increase your curb appeal & lower energy bills.

How Often Should Windows Be Replaced in a Home?

Residential windows usually need to be replaced every 15 to 20 years, as they tend to be affected by the weather and get worn out over time. Even if you clean them regularly and fix small problems as they come up, they will still eventually get old, and start to not work as well - things like the sun, rain, temperature changes, and pollution slowly make them wear out.

As they get older, windows might not seal as tightly, which lets air in and makes the insulation worse. This can make homes less comfortable and use more energy. Old windows can also make homes look less appealing, with faded frames and chipped paint. This can make a house worth less money, leading to fewer people wanting to buy it.

Even if you take good care of your windows, they'll still probably need to be replaced eventually to keep your home comfortable, energy-efficient, and looking good.

How Often Should Commercial Windows Be Replaced?

Commercial windows, just like residential ones, need to be replaced every 15 to 20 years to work well and look nice. Signs that it's time for new windows, like seals getting worse, drafts, or visible damage, are the same for both types of buildings.

Fixing these signs quickly is important to keep energy use low and indoor areas comfortable.

Signs Your Windows Need to Be Replaced

Window Condensation

If you notice a lot of water on the inside of your windows, it could mean the seals are not working well. This makes your home less insulated, and could lead to mould growing on the window frames.

Mould can be bad for your health and damage your windows over time. Fixing condensation problems quickly is important to stop more damage and keep your home's air clean and comfortable.

Energy Bills Increasing in Price

If your energy bills keep going up, it might mean your windows aren't doing a good job of keeping heat inside or outside. Old or poorly insulated windows let too much heat in or out, making your heating and cooling systems work harder. This uses more energy, and makes your bills higher.

Getting new, energy-efficient windows can help lower your bills and make your home more comfortable while also helping the environment.

Drafts Coming in

Feeling a cold breeze near your windows means air is leaking in, making your home less comfortable and using more energy.

When cold air comes in through gaps or cracks around your windows, it makes your heating or cooling system work harder to keep the temperature right. Fixing drafts by sealing gaps or getting new windows can make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable, and save you money on bills.

Mould & Wood Rot

If you see mould or rot around your windows, it means water is getting in, which can make your windows weak and cause health problems.

Too much moisture around windows can lead to mould growing on surfaces and interior walls, damaging your windows. If the wood around your windows starts to rot, it could make your windows less stable and lead to expensive repairs.

Fixing moisture problems and getting new windows quickly is important to keep your home safe and strong. For more information on signs your window needs replacement, check out our repair vs. replace post.

How Window Replacements Can Increase Curb Appeal

Getting new windows can make your home rise in value and look nicer, which can helps sell the appeal of your home. This is important for homeowners & real estate flippers who are aiming to maximize their profits from the sale of their property. New windows can also contribute to shorting how long it takes to sell a property off the housing market due to an elevated curb appeal, especially compared to homes that have older windows.

Whether you want to sell your home or invest in your home’s aesthetic, getting new windows is a smart choice that can help you in the long run.

Get Your Windows Replaced with a Lifetime Fully-Transferable Warranty

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