When it comes down to porch enclosure, all most home-owners really want is a simple solution to all of these specific, porch door-related concerns.

It is for this reason, we provide the single door 1 panel and transom as an option to our customers.

This lovely product is customizable and available to be purchased in a wide variety of styles and seven different colours. Do not worry, the handles and optional add-ons are also open for selection.

Not only this, but it is also quite durable (possessing a thickness of 1 ¾" to 2"), really quick to install, and can fit between brick to brick openings of the width 39 1/2" to 82".

Finally, no longer will your porch be left open and available to who knows what whenever!

With the addition of this enclosure, you will get to experience many benefits such as:

  • More natural lighting. Thanks to the transom window located just above the door, natural light is directed into the area with ease.
  • Defence against the natural elements and bugs. Not many people enjoy having flies buzzing around them or harsh wind smacking their face while basking in the gentle sunlight. This simple fitting door panel serves as a natural block against these undesirable elements.
  • A winter buffering zone. A closed porch can serve to trap heat during those cold months and help preserve a zone untainted by snow or rain for the owner, right outside of the residence.
  • An elevated building appearance. This should come as no surprise. A lovely porch with the right door can turn to become one of the main focal points of the house, boosting the exteriors allure by several notches.
  • Better security. Between the outside world and your front door, a porch entryway is one more barrier that any potential intruders will be forced to face. This seemingly simple architectural addition will provide extra time for you and your family to take hold of the situation, in turn, increasing your chances of survival.