Lifetime Entry Doors

What does Big City Windows and Doors have to offer? Among our many solutions, we provide customers with lifetime entry doors that are as beautiful as they are functional.

We have a system for door design and installation that's truly unique in the industry. With Big City, you have all sorts of options for customizing the door of your dreams. We will work with you to identify the right combination of style, colour, glass elements, and size. Along with creating the right look and choosing the best materials, we also ensure that the construction is top of the line. That's why we weld all four corners and ensure the seal is complete on every door.

Durability for our lifetime front doors is only the beginning. We are also committed to offering design choices that are the most varied and attractive available today. We'll customize those doors so they make your beautiful home even more attractive.

Check out our line of wood, fiberglass, and steel panels. You'll find that they are among the highest quality in the industry today. Between our commitment to excellence and the quality of our work, you can rest assured that our custom front doors will provide all the advantages you desire.

Features and Benefits

  • 6 ⅝” x 1½” all uPVC welded frame/sill with complete aluminum reinforcement
  • Vinyl brickmould exterior to blend in with the door frame
  • Your choice of wood, fiberglass, and/or steel panels
  • Excellent drainage for weeped sills
  • An adjustable self-draining sweep complete with an exterior cover.
  • 4 Ball Bearing Hinges standard on 6’8″ doors
  • 5 Hinges on 8″ doors
  • Superior foam weather stripping

Colour Options

  • Sandalwood

  • Brown

  • Normandy

  • White

  • Ivory

  • Sandstone

  • Classic Burgundy

  • Dark Bronze

  • Fiddelehead Green

  • Black Iron

  • Peal Green

  • Twany Rose

  • Dark Beige

  • Brick Red

  • Stone Harbour

  • Deep Royal Blue

  • Barren Plain

  • Sandy White

Colour and Stain Options for All Lifetime Front Doors

At Big City, we are proud of our Lifetime Entry Door Collection and the options we offer our customers. The doors are constructed using our proprietary all UPVC and aluminum reinforced frame system, ensuring durability and excellent performance.

Our lifetime entrance doors in Ottawa are available in a full white vinyl frame. You can also choose an exterior capstock vinyl frame in shades like sandalwood, sandstone, and dark bronze. for the interior side, you can go with a laminate vinyl frame with a rich oak grain look.

We are happy to offer a wide range of paint colours for your doors. At present, Big City offers a total of 18 different shades that you can consider. All paints are easy on the environment and provide excellent protection from the weather. They are also formulated to resist fading.

If stain is more to your liking, Big City currently offers nine different choices to compare. These water-based products are ideal for creating the ideal look for the interior side of your custom made doors. Easy to apply to wood or fiberglass panels, they will retain their appearance for many years. this is because the stain bonds to the surface and is covered with a clear coat guaranteed to not yellow or flake away from the underlying material.

Interior/Exterior Staintable Laminate Vinyl Frame

Security Matters: Our Solutions for Locking Systems

The team at Big City understands the need for home security. That's why we offer the best options for locking systems available today. When you order customized front entry doors from us, we will go over the benefits associated with each of the two locking systems we recommend.

The Salem Grip Set is among the most reliable locks you can invest in today. The multipoint automatic lock mechanism is based on door locks developed in Europe. We've adapted the idea to work perfectly for North American locks.

When you close the door, the upper and lower ¾" (20mm) latches automatically engage. By using a key from the outside or the knob while inside, you are able to engage the 1" central deadbolt, effectively creating a three-level locking setup. Along with enhanced security, this approach also helps keep the door aligned and minimizes the potential for warpage. Ask about our brass, bronze, and nickel finish options for the lock hardware.

Big City also has lever set locks with handles that you can consider. This more decorative choice provides all the protection found with our multipoint automatic lock while expanding your options for enhancing the appearance of the door itself. You'll find the lever set works for more than front doors. The set does equally well for French doors, patio swing doors, and back doors. You can also have the hardware finished in brass, bronze, or nickel.

Choosing Your Door Hinges

Our Collection includes hinges that include highly capable ball bearings. The simple but effective function ensures that the doors swing open and close without any difficulty. Designed to last, our hinges also come in styles and finishes that add a little something extra to the look of the front entry.

Choose Your Sill Options

Big City also offers door sill options that you will want to compare. We have the standard sill that comes with a clear aluminum anodized sill cover. You can also obtain a cover that is coasted in dark bronze.

Glass Options for Your Front Door

If you like the idea of glass as part of the door design, our Super Solutions is the way to go. Use one or all of our glazing solutions to come up with the effect you want. Keep in mind that many of our options are not just for appearance; they will also increase the energy efficiency of your new door.

Since our customers deserve the best, Big City uses LoĒ-180™ glass for all of our customized front entry doors. The glass provides the best in insulation from hot and cold outside air. It also prevents heat loss by blocking transference from inside through the glass. The fact that it also absorbs heat from direct sunlight makes it all the easier to control the temperature and the humidity level in your home.

Hardware Colour Options

Adding Grilles & Divided Lights to the Glass

Grilles and divided lights are one way to give your new door additional character. At Big City, we have a couple of options for adding grilles to the glass. One of our most popular is the Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) solution. With this approach, we apply the grille pattern to the exterior of the glass. The effect is much like traditional grilles from times past. If you are looking for a touch that feels as well as appears to be created by a craftsman, this is the way to go..

We also have the capability to insert grille patterns directly into the glass during the construction process. This results in a smooth surface that's easy to clean. You still get to enjoy the look while ensuring the upkeep is simple

With both approaches, you have options for the colour, size, and style of the grille pattern. That makes it easy to come up with a pattern that's perfect for your home decor. The patterns can be used with grooved, leaded, beveled, and tinted glass to complete the desired look.

Browse Our Accessories

Big City offers a variety of accessories that can be used to create lifetime entrance doors in Ottawa that are unique and in line with your vision for the home. We can customize those accessories to ensure they provide all the benefits you desire. With so many combinations available, the possibilities are practically endless.

Call us today and let's get to work on creating the perfect entrance doors for your home. We'll be with you every step of the way to answer questions, make recommendations, and ensure you are happy with the result.


Job well done Big City Windows. A big thank you to Daniel and Fred on being professional and courteous installing my door.
Jack Martin Ottawa, ON
I’ve wanted to replace the old front door, which I found too old-fashioned. Big City Windows and Doors helped me to find the best door from a huge catalog. Now I’m finally with a new modern door. Many thanks to the company for help.
Claudia Braun Ottawa, ON
Sales guy was hilarious very easy going and great to talk to. They installed a small bay window and front door. They were fast and everything looks great. Would highly recommend.
Lee Johnson Ottawa, ON
Had a patio door installed with BigCity. Great service from start to finish, the project whisked through all the stages, stayed on budget and was finished a week ahead of schedule. Look great, would recommend it to my neighbours as well.
Georgina Butler Ottawa, ON