Looking For New Windows? Might Be The Right Time to Consider Vinyl for Your Home

As you make your late spring home inspection, the condition of the windows doesn't exactly fill you with a sense of glee. Don't feel as if you are alone. Many homeowners determine that they need to replace older windows with new counterparts during this time of year. If you feel the time has come for ...

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4 Ways Historic Window Architecture Energizes the Look of Modern Homes

Contemporary home designs certainly have their advantages. While you want to make the most of those benefits, there's also the desire to make your home as attractive and comfortable as possible. One way to enhance the modern amenities is to think about using at least some historic elements for the windows. Here are some of ...

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Can Energy Efficient Windows Have an Impact on My Bills?

As you begin the search for new windows, you notice that each option includes an energy rating. While you could choose to overlook the ratings and go with any window design that catches the eye, your best bet is to focus attention energy efficient windows with a superior rating. Here is what you can expect ...

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Kick-Start Patio Season With a Much Needed Home Reno

This time of year provides an opportunity to get a few things done around the house. The weather is warm enough to manage outdoor projects comfortably but not so warm that you will break much of a sweat. Take advantage of this short period to take care of a few of the home renovations you've ...

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Boost Curb Appeal in the Housing Market With New Windows

Did you know that according to the Ottawa Real Estate Board more homes were sold during the first 11 months of 2016 than for the entire year of 2015? From January through November 2016, a total of 14,825 homes in Ottawa and the surrounding communities went to new owners. That compares to 14.658 properties sold ...

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