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Updated as of July 17th 2024

After a long year of being in and out of quarantine, the need for home owners to be comfortable inside their own residences has never been greater. Neither has the need for a practical and functional home environment where stresses are few and style is obvious. The pandemic has made us realize that there really is no place like home and that when that home is full of natural light and fresh air, it is so much more enjoyable to be in.

Home renovation has been an important quarantine activity in Canada. Some people have finally gotten around to those projects they'd been meaning to get to for a while, whereas others have decided to improve the energy efficiency ratings of their homes.

Is window and door replacement your next home improvement goal? Here, we deliver the latest window treatment trends to give your home a new light, a new appeal and a new more comfortable surrounding.

Windows Trends 2024

Windows Trends 2024

Trend 1: Bigger Windows and More Natural Light

We've all realized that natural light makes a great difference in how we feel and how productive we are. One of the top trends this year is bigger windows that let you enjoy the golden hour in every corner of your house. Whether you decide to go for oriel windows or window walls, big windows will not only make your house appear bigger but help make a bridge between your garden and room. Although the average cost to replace windows with entire window walls may be high, integrating multiple awning or casement windows tiles is an alternative to brighten your space.

An important point to consider is that although larger windows are far more aesthetic and allow for more light to come in, choosing the right window style with the help of experts can also help you reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health. Choosing the right type of window replacements, materials and even window blinds and shades, can help regulate your home's temperature and improve the quality of air.

  • Window insulation can help keep cold air out in winter, and the hot air out in summer to keep your air conditioning costs low throughout the year.
  • Energy efficient windows, also known as energy saving windows, keep your heating and cooling bills low through the use of low-emissivity glass, spacer systems, and double/triple paned glass.

Trend 2: Minimalist and Contemporary Window Designs

Another window trend that is here to stay is minimalist designs that instantly grasp your attention and give your home a clean, modern aesthetic. These modern windows with minimalistic designs can also be a way to reduce your window replacement costs without sacrificing design, offering you savings in the future.

Bay windows with narrow stills and rails have become popular for living rooms because they help to reduce visual clutter. Art deco and industrial influenced decor have also become more popular, as eye-catching black metal frames give rooms a touch of elegance.

Trend 3: Practicality and Comfort Above All

How your windows look and the feel it gives the room is important, nevertheless, they have to be practical and add value to your home. This trend shows that windows can be used as more than just to see outside. As homeowners look toward the moments where they can once again entertain guests, new styles of windows emerge with more practical characteristics.

  • Counter windows connect the inside of your kitchen or living room with the exterior of your home, with a small bar that can be used to place food, drinks or a just a space to chat.
  • Bay windows can also double as a nice book-reading spot when with built-in window seating. For those looking to save space, without losing seating spaces to host family and friends post-pandemic, built-in window seating can provide flexibility for storage, as well as seating with a view.
  • Noise Control can easily be managed through the installment of the right windows. Whether you look to keep noise out or in, acoustic windows and sound-proofing alternatives are now widely available. Laminated glass and dissimilar panes both offer acoustic performance, disrupting different frequencies to improve sound control. Another element that helps reduce noise are windows with a wider airspace between the glass panels.

Doors Trends 2024

Doors Trends 2024

Trend 1: Sidelights with a Purpose

Sidelights automatically make your home feel more welcoming, letting others see into your home before even opening the door. Traditional sidelights are narrow vertical pieces of glass located on one or both sides of a door. These can be either built into the frame or installed as individual units. But now, modern sidelights are not only used to let in an extra beam of light but also to double as actual windows to let both the breeze and some light enter your home.

Trend 2: Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transitions

Instead of separating spaces with walls and doors, one of the main door trends for 2024 is turning rooms into more open places, without losing the ability to close them up again. Crittall style doors have grown more popular thanks to the slick design that lets in more light and ventilation without any of the associated negative impact on privacy.

  • Crittall style has become a trendy interior design element that can be used as doorway connectors, partial walls or dividers for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Bi-fold doors have also grown popular among homeowners as it gives a more seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces.
  • Lift and slide and multi-slide also help generate expansive openings that are easy to open and close when necessary. Lift and slide doors seal onto a track once you've moved the panels to a new location by simply turning the handle.
  • Sliding patio and sliding french doors are more modern as they use four panels instead of two panels, where two are fixed in place, and the other two operate.

Trend 3: Full-height Doors that Elevate Ceilings

Both entry doors and patio doors can be lengthened to give a sense of height and grandeur that seems to extend the height of a home's ceilings and offer those living inside more space. Though they've always been in vogue, high ceilings are particularly in demand at present given the amount of time we spend indoors.

Full-height doors extend floor to ceiling and are best complemented by large vinyl windows that mirror the door's stature while allowing light to pour into the home. The extra spaciousness helps enhance curb appeal so that, should the time come, your residence is given a push upwards in its valuation price.

To make sure that your new windows fit your needs and will make your life easier, not more difficult, it's important to contact a professional window replacement company in your area for help. It's important to seek the help of an experienced windows and doors replacement company Ottawa, especially since they know what works best for the region given the extreme weather conditions.

2024 window trends in Ottawa, as well as the door trends, both help the opening of home spaces and generate a cozier and healthier living space for homeowners. Whether it's to welcome guests in the next months, help increase your work productivity or provide a secure and modern living environment for those you love, investing in quality, well designed and practical windows and doors is a great choice to make.

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