Single Hung Tilt

Single hung windows are one of the most popular designs on the market. With a long history in North America, this simple design includes a fixed top sash paired with a bottom sash that can be raised and lowered. If you are thinking of replacing your older windows but like this particular design, our team at Big City Windows has a suggestion: let us talk with you about the single hung tilt window.

This design of windows replacement Ottawa will provide all the performance you already know well. The nice thing is that this particular design will provide a few more benefits. Specifically, the sash will tilt inwards whenever you like. That makes it easier to clean both sides of the glass and still enjoy all the features you like. We also include a removable half-screen with the installation.

Features and Benefits

  • Sash that tilts inward, making it easier to clean the glass
  • 3 1/4″ fusion-welded frame and sash corners that provide superior durability and strength
  • Multiple chambers that help provide insulation and stop condensation
  • Interlocking sashes for complete air blockage and more home security
  • Contoured design elements that provide a custom appearance
  • Weather stripping on the bottom sash that creates a tighter seal when closed
  • Half screen that’s easy to remove
  • Secure low profile locking system
  • Stainless steel balance system for effortless operation
  • Choose from double or triple pane glass
  • 7/8″ double-strength glass paired with S-Class super spacer
  • Double locks available on some sizes

Colour Options

  • Sandalwood

  • Brown

  • Normandy

  • White

  • Ivory

  • Sandstone

  • Classic Burgundy

  • Dark Bronze

  • Fiddelehead Green

  • Black Iron

  • Peal Green

  • Twany Rose

  • Dark Beige

  • Brick Red

  • Stone Harbour

  • Deep Royal Blue

  • Barren Plain

  • Sandy White

Finishes and Other Options for Your Single Hung Tilt Windows

Big City offers paint and finish options for your single hung vinyl windows, including the tilt design, Our standard paint colours number 18 currently. All our paints are kind to the environment and formulated to resist fading and flaking. You'll find out paint holds up well to just about any type of weather.

If the idea of a vinyl finish appeals to you, consider out Capstock option. The material provides excellent coverage and will withstand most weather conditions. The colour will remain true for years, resist scratching, and retain the original gloss for a long time. Our single hung windows for sale easily match or exceed any other option you will find on the market today.

Hardware and Your New Windows

Big City Windows is known for our Heritage Collection and the simple processes we use to customize design options. We will gladly customize your single hung vinyl windows with any type of hardware you like. Along with our standard options, we also offer a line of Premium Hardware that is sure to appeal to any taste.

The Premium options come in eight different finish choices. The hardware includes nesting handles that make for a sleek look to the windows. Thanks to the use of stainless steel for the hardware, you can bet that it will last for many years. Ask our team for suggestions if you are not sure what hardware design would work best with your home.

a. Standard

b. Optional

Glazing Choices: Why You Want to Know About Solar Solutions

Solar Solutions by Big City is the glass option if you want to enjoy the greatest savings in energy costs. Choosing this for your single hung replacement windows ensures that you get to enjoy the best in terms of energy efficiency. Designs to comply with Canada's current Energy Star requirements, this glass is certified for gas content just before it's sealed. You can depend on the quality of every window you purchase from us.

Big City's Super Spacer makes a good thing even better. The non-conductive properties boost the ability to prevent heat or cold from transferring through the glass and into your home. You'll also notice a lower rate of condensation during the colder months.

How much will you save on energy costs? The figure varies from home to home. If your older windows are in poor condition, you could notice as much as a 40% decrease in energy costs over the course of a year. Pair the savings with the ability to customize your single hung vinyl replacement windows with bronze or blue tinting, choice of hardware, and other options, and you have plenty of reasons to choose Big City for your window replacement project.

Big City also employs the latest in glass technology. That includes offering LoĒ-180™ glass to our customers. Designed for maximum insulating capacity, this glass works by holding in the heat found inside the home while allowing heat from sunlight to filter through. This combination will keep your home comfortable on the coldest winter night.

We're also proud to offer Neat® glass. Using the UV rays produced by the sun, this option prevents dirt from clinging tightly to the glass. You can easily rinse it away with a garden hose. Think of the time and effort that will save. Since Neat® can be applied to the LoĒ® 180 with ease, talk with our team about adding this to your planning. Doing so will make it all the easier to keep the home comfortable all year long.

Add Detail with Divided Lites and Grilles

Would you like to add some decorative detail to the glass? Big City has the solution. Take a look at the grilles and divided lite options we offer. You can opt for internal grilles that are embedded in the glass panels themselves. You can also consider our Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) that are applied to the glass exterior. Customization is possible with both options, and you have a number of design choices available.

With any of our glass panels, you can choose options like tinted, leaded, beveled, and grooved glass to create the ideal look. Match the glass with our caming options of brass, patina, or zinc for a dramatic effect. Remember that along with decorative and other options, we offer a variety of single hung window sizes.


Trim Options

All Big City products can be customized to meet your exact application requirements with our extensive accessory options that are factory applied and fully integrated into your windows. The possibilities are endless with either standard or custom interior and exterior accessories. We manufacture our own accessories ensuring a perfect fit and finish for all of our products. Our accessories are fully functional for your application and add detail to your windows.

Accessories Options