Double Slider Tilt

Are you looking for a simple window design that offers plenty of function and visual appeal? Big City Windows has the answer. Our double slider tilt windows look great, are easy to operate, and will last for a long time. Thanks to our reputation for excellence, you can depend on receiving the best quality windows replacement Ottawa on the market today.

With horizontally sliding sashes, this double tilt slider design makes it easy to control how much of a breeze you let into the home. The tilt feature makes it easy to clean the panes and you get to enjoy a broader uninterrupted view. We complete our window offering by including a screen that you can remove with ease.

Features and Benefits

  • An interlocking sash design that increases home security while reducing unwanted air flow
  • A 3 1/4″ fusion-welded frame and sash corners to ensure superior strength
  • A design that enhances insulating properties and eliminates condensation
  • A finished look that appears to be hand-crafted
  • Sashes that tilt inward for easy cleaning on both sides
  • Durable weather stripping to ensure a tight fit around each sash
  • Screen that’s easy to remove coupled with high-quality low-profile locks, including double locks for windows over 30 inches in height
  • Double or tripe panes - your choice
  • 7/8″ double-strength glass for more security

Colour Options

  • Sandalwood

  • Brown

  • Normandy

  • White

  • Ivory

  • Sandstone

  • Classic Burgundy

  • Dark Bronze

  • Fiddelehead Green

  • Black Iron

  • Peal Green

  • Twany Rose

  • Dark Beige

  • Brick Red

  • Stone Harbour

  • Deep Royal Blue

  • Barren Plain

  • Sandy White

Choosing Colours and Finishes

At Big City Windows, we want every customer to be happy with the look of their new double slider windows in Ottawa. That's why we offer multiple finishes designed to work with just about every home design. We also offer a wide range of colours for your windows.

If colour is what you crave, talk with us about our Capstock Colour selections. The material used for this type of vinyl covering provides excellent protection from the elements. It's also scratch resistant and retains the glossy look that you crave. In terms of fading, the material will hold up well for a long time.

We also offer an excellent selection of paint colours. All told, we have 18 different hues to consider. All of our paints are safe for the environment and formulated to resist fading, chipping, and cracking.

Hardware and Your New Windows

Let us tell you more about our Heritage Collection for hardware options. Made with stainless steel, every selection provides durability as well as visual appeal. If you are not sure which hardware is right for your home, our experts can help.

Our Premium hardware line includes 8 different finish options. That makes it easy to select one that's just right for those new vinyl slider windows. This line also offers you low profile nesting handles designed to streamline the look of your windows. Between the design and the function, you can't go wrong.

a. Standard

b. Optional

Big City's Solar Solutions for Glazing

When you talk with us about double tilt sliding vinyl window options, the subject of Big City's Solar Solutions will come up. This glass option, like all our glass, is manufactured to comply with or even exceed the standards for Energy Star certification in Canada. What that means for you is glass panels that provide superior insulating qualities. We accomplish this by introducing the gas into the units just before they're sealed. Doing so makes it possible for us to confirm the amount of gas introduced into each unit before we deliver them to your home. Thanks to our Super Spacer feature that prevents the transference of heat and cold, there will be less condensation blocking the view during the winter months.

Choosing our Solar Solutions means saving money on energy costs. Did you know that poorly insulated windows can increase your annual heating and cooling expense by as much as 40%? By choosing Big City Windows and our solutions, you get to save money in the long run. Add in the fact that our windows reduce the amount of noise that filters into the home and provides an additional element of security, and you'll see why so many homeowners choose us.

A Word About Our Glass Selections

While we're on the subject of glass, there's a couple of other details you should know. Since we stay on top of the latest technology, it's only natural we would offer what's known as LoĒ-180™ glass, This design blocks cold with ease while preventing heat transference from inside to outside. At the same time, it allows heat from the sun's rays to filter into the home. The result is easier temperature control inside during the winter months. You'll also find that maintaining the desired amount of humidity inside is easier.

We're proud to introduce Neat® glass to our customers. Formulated to prevent dirt from caking on the glass, the windows work by utilizing UV rays to prevent dirt from sticking. You can literally rinse the dirt away with a stream of water. You'll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the view.

Neat® is easily applied to our LoĒ® 180 coated glazing, so you get to enjoy the benefits of both. That means less maintenance coupled with more temperature and humidity control throughout the year.

Our Options for Grilles and Divided Lites

Grillers add character to any type of window, including our double tilt sliding vinyl window designs. If you like the idea of adding this feature, we have two approaches to consider.

We can create custom interior grilles featuring the grilles inside the layers of glass making up the panels. This approach provides the look you want while keeping the cleaning and general upkeep simple.

We also offer an option known as Simulated Divided Lites (SDL). This approach involves applying the grille pattern to the outside of the glass. With both solutions, you get to choose the colour, pattern, and even the size that works best for your home.

Remember that all of the glass used for our windows allows you to settle on decorative panels that are to your taste. Choose from tinted, beveled, leaded, or grooved glass. If you are not sure, our experts are happy to help you come up with the best choice, as well as help you select caming options like brass or zinc.

Big City and Options for the Trim

No talk of double slider window features is complete without discussing the trim. We'll help you compare options for colours, styles, and other aspects of the trim work. Together, we can find the right combination for your window design.

Call us today and let's get started on your new windows. It won't take long to see why double slider windows that tilt are such a popular option, and why homeowners prefer Big City Windows to the competition. In less time than you though possible, all the details will be settled, you'll have a quote in hand, and the date for the installation will be set.


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