Double Hung Tilt

Big City Windows offers the best in double hung tilt windows for residences and other settings. Thanks to our commitment to excellence, the double hung window design developed by our engineers is among the best in the industry. With our windows company, you get to enjoy styles and quality that ensure you top results and the best in ventilation choices.

Double hung windows are an excellent choice for windows replacement Ottawa. Designed to open from the top or the bottom, the sashes can also tilt inward or outward. Along with providing more control over airflow, this design makes it easier to clean the outside as well as the inside of the glass.

Features and Benefits

  • Sashes that tilt in, allowing for easy cleaning
  • Reinforced interlocking design to enhance home security
  • Window design includes multiple chambers to help insulate the space and minimize condensation
  • Weather stripping designed to enhance tightness
  • Pull tab screen you can remove easily
  • Low profile locks that don’t interfere with the view
  • Your choice of double or triple panes with Solar Solutions glazing
  • Exclusive contoured profile for a hand-crafted appearance
  • Force balance system designed for consistently easy operation
  • 7/8″ double-strength glass

Colour Options

  • Sandalwood

  • Brown

  • Normandy

  • White

  • Ivory

  • Sandstone

  • Classic Burgundy

  • Dark Bronze

  • Fiddelehead Green

  • Black Iron

  • Peal Green

  • Twany Rose

  • Dark Beige

  • Brick Red

  • Stone Harbour

  • Deep Royal Blue

  • Barren Plain

  • Sandy White

Big City's Options for Colours and Finishes

If you can imagine the color or finish, Big City already has it available. Work with our team and we'll help you choose something that's ideal for your home.

What You Should Know About Capstock Colours

Here at Big City, we're proud of our Capstock Colour choices. Co-extruded with our unique uPVC profile, the colour is designed to hold up well in all sorts of weather. You can forget about scratching, fading, and gloss reduction marring the look of your double hung vinyl windows. They will look great for many years to come.

Your Colour Choices

Not sure what colour would work best for your double hung vinyl windows? Big City offers 18 standard colours for your consideration. All our colours are environmentally friendly and designed to resist fading and other problems caused by weather changes.

Let's Talk Hardware

You want the right hardware for your double hung vinyl windows. We're here to offer the choices that keep the home secure and you safe. We offer standard hardware that's easy to operate and looks great. you can even choose from our Premium hardware selection if you want something that nests in the window design.

To ensure the hardware adds to the look of the window, you can choose from several different finishes. Whatever you choose, the sturdy hardware is made of top stainless steel and will last for decades. Ask us and we'll happily show you the finish options currently available.

a. Standard

b. Optional

Exploring Your Glazing Options

Big City's double hung tilt windows come with glass options designed to provide superior performance on more than one level. You already know they will enhance the look of your home and boost the security. Those same windows will also make the home more energy efficient.

The secret is Big City's Solar Solutions glass. Designed to comply with or exceed Canada's current Energy Star qualifications, we manufacture each window with care. The gas is not injected into the glass unit until just before it's sealed. Paired with our Super Spacer that happens to prevent conduction of heat and cold, you have a superior barrier between you and whatever the weather is doing outside.

Our glazing solutions do more than help you keep the home interior at a comfortable temperature and humidity level. They also help lower your energy bills. Given that aging window and doors can result in as much as a 40% increase in yearly heating and cooling expenses, imagine how much you will save once those new vinyl double hung tilt windows in Ottawa are in place.

Have You Heard About LoĒ-180™ Glass?

You know how cold it can get in Ottawa during the height of the winter season. Our LoĒ-180™ glass will ensure that everyone in your home is comfortable no matter what is happening outside. This specially designed glass blocks the transference of heat from the inside to the outside. It also allows heat from sunlight to pass right through the glass. The result is you have more control over the humidity inside as well as the temperature.

We're Proud of Our Neat® Glass Too!

If you hate having to scrub dirt and grime off the windows, Big City has the solution, Our Neat® glass makes use of UV rays to prevent dirt from hardening on the surface. You can use a hose to remove the dirt with ease. Best of all, the windows will remain cleaner for longer periods.

A side benefit of Neat® glass is that it is easy to apply to our LoĒ® 180 coated glazings. Enjoy the easy cleaning even as you get to keep the home at a comfortable temperature all year long.

Options for Divided Light and Grille Patterns

Do you like the idea of grilles to go with the glass in your double hung vinyl replacement windows? Maybe you would like divided light rather than the look of solid glass panels. The team at Big City has the right solution for you.

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) added to the grilles gives you the look that you want. Applied to the outside of the single glass panel, you can choose from a number of patterns and colours. No one will know there is solid glass underneath the pattern unless you tell them.

We also offer glass panels with interior grille designs. Choose the colour and design that you want and we'll ensure it's placed in between the panes that make up the panel. Interior grilles can be used with any of your panel options, including beveled, grooved, tinted, or leaded.

Don't Forget the Trim

Your new double pane windows deserve the proper trim. At Big City, we have trim options that will look great with those dual pane windows. Talk with us about colour choices and we'll help you select the right one. Since we produce our own trim and accessories, it's easy for us to include custom touches that make those double pane vinyl windows project the look you want.

Are you ready for new windows? Call Big City today and let's talk about the overall double pane window cost and the design options we offer. You will find that no one can compare when it comes to offering the best double pane windows in the area and installing them to perfection. Once your new windows are in place, you'll want to tell all your friends about our selection and our services.


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