Casement Windows

Now that you've made the decision to invest in new windows Ottawa, it's time to take a good look at what casement windows have to offer. This window design includes hinges along the side, allowing you to swing the sash outward. Big City's casement designs are constructed to allow users to open the windows as much as 90 degrees. That makes it easy to enjoy a breeze and to clean both sides of the glass with ease.

Big City offers casement windows in Ottawa that provide more expansive views from the top to the bottom of each window. You have greater control over the amount of ventilation allowed in each room. They also add a simple but elegant architectural element to the room and to the home's exterior. Structurally, our windows are among the most sturdy on the market today. That's one reason why so many people turn to us when they need new windows.

Our custom casement windows can be created using a number of panel options. We offer customers the options of using smooth or textured fiberglass, steel, and engineered wood. Big City also provides a range of accessories and options to make the windows even more attractive and functional. Consider elements like side lights, decorative glass, your choice of paint or stain, and custom hardware. We can even include transoms in the overall plan for those new windows.

What the Team At Big City Windows Will Do For You

Our team at Big City Windows will ensure that every step of the installation is managed professionally and efficiently. With our team, you can expect us to provide the following support:

Checking for Local Permits - Will a permit be needed to install new windows? In many cases, the answer is no. At other times, some type of permit must be obtained before the installation can get underway. Our team knows how to find out what type of permissions are required and how to secure them.

Creating a Spot to Store Window Materials - Our team will work with you to designate a place to position all the new window materials. That includes where to set the removed windows and frames so they are out of the way. Choosing the right spots makes it easier to keep your yard neat and tidy while the work is underway.

Trained and Experienced Team - There's a certain level of expertise required to install any type of window design. Casement windows are no different. When you choose us as the company of choice for the new window installation, you get a team that knows the design well and has practical experience with installing the style.

No Shortcuts Taken - Part of our process is to ensure every new window is installed properly. That means we check to ensure the fit is flush with the frame. You'll notice our team checks and rechecks each phase of the project before determining the installation of each window is truly complete.

Tips for Care and Maintenance - If you've never owned a home with casement windows in Ottawa, you may not know how to go about taking proper care of them. Before we leave, we'll offer cleaning and maintenance tips that save you time and money.

Call Big City Windows today and let's decide if casement windows are the right choice for your home. Once the selection is made, we'll work with you to set an installation date and ensure everything goes according to the plan.

Features and Benefits

  • Sturdy construction that minimizes warping and other potential issues.
  • 3 1/4″ fusion-welded frame and sash corners to enhance stability and strength
  • Superior glass for better insulation and less condensation
  • Custom profile that gives your windows a hand-crafted look
  • Excellent sealing for improved insulation
  • Weather sealing on each sash to prevent unwanted air flow
  • 90-degree sash opening for better ventilation and easy cleaning
  • Overlap screen you can remove and install at will
  • The best in hardware for support and a decorative touch
  • Superior locking system for added home security
  • Double or triple pan glass for greater energy efficiency
  • 7/8″ double-strength glass paired with S-Class spacer

Colour Options

  • Normandy

Finishes and Paint Colours

Your new casement windows in Ottawa include options for stain finishes and paint colours that are the best in the industry. Begin by taking a look at the 18 paint colours we offer. Each paint is produced to provide excellent coverage, resist fading and cracking, and look great for years.

Ask about our Capstock colour option and how it adds to the appearance of your casement style windows. This unique material provides superior colour for years to come. It's also formulated to resist fading and will protect the window materials for a long time.

Do you like the idea of laminate for your new casement windows in Ottawa? Our pre-finished woodgrain interior laminate provides a rich look of cherry that enhances every room. What's unique is the way the laminate bonds to the vinyl coating, creating a finish that reflects heat and is not subject to peeling, fading, chipping, or blistering. Woodgrain Interior Laminate (pre-finished)

Hardware and Your New Windows

Big City offers hardware that's suitable for all kinds of casement window sizes. The basic hardware is ideal when you want to create a simple look. For more decorative touches, take a look at our Premium Hardware system. The stainless steel used for each type of hardware ensures it will last a long time and hold up well to a lot of use. Customize your window's appearance by selecting one of the eight different finishes we offer for our hardware.



Glass and Glazing: What Big City Offers

Did you know that the investment in new casement window cost can be justified by the decrease in energy costs? If your older windows are in poor condition, they could be increasing your annual energy expenses by as much as 40%. Fortunately, Big City Windows has solutions that include the best glass and glazing options available today.

Our Solar Solutions comes with several options that help you get the most in terms of energy savings. We work hard to ensure every window we produce is in line with or exceeds the quality required by Canada's Energy Star standards. We do this by choosing the best materials and finding ways to make them better.

Before we deliver any window, we certify each unit. Since we apply gas to the units just prior to sealing, we have the option to ensure the content in every unit. Paired with our Super Spacer to ensure the best protection from heat and cold transference, you will be cozy and comfortable no matter how low the temperature drops.

Big City's Solutions for Grilles and Divided Lights

Many window companies offer grilles as part of their design offerings. Big City is an industry leader in terms of grille styles, sizes and colours. If you are wondering where to buy casement windows with grilles, we are the only choice for the best selection.

Big City offers grilles that are inside the glass layers. We also offer a method known as Simulated Divided Lite (SDL). With SDL, the grille is installed on the outside of the glass. This option provides a more traditional feel as well as look. With either approach, you will love the detail this one addition adds to your windows.

Remember our panels can be created using tinted, beveled, leaded, and grooved glass. As the customer, you are in charge of what sort of architectural detail and appearance you want for the home.

Are you ready to arrange for those new windows? Call Big City Windows today and let's talk about what you have in mind. Once you made decisions about the sizing, number of windows, and the design and other options you want to include, we'll provide a quote for the entire casement window cost. In no time at all, the windows will be ready an on the way for installation.

Accessories Options


The team at Big City was experienced and kind, and the quality of my new windows is perfect! Thank you to the crew at Big City Windows & Doors for wonderful work.
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I'm extremely satisfied with the results of my new window installation after working with Big City. The crew was friendly, and they did an outstanding job. I would definitely recommend this service.
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I recently worked with the team at Big City Windows & Doors, and their crew was kind and knowledgeable. They completed the installation quickly, and my new windows look great!
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The team at Big City Windows & Doors was professional, efficient, and friendly. They did an outstanding job, and my windows look perfect. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone needing installation work.
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I was extremely satisfied with the service I received at Big City Windows & Doors. The entire installation process went quickly and the quality of their windows and doors was excellent. The crew was friendly, professional, and very helpful. I would definitely recommend this service to others.
Marry Gold. Ottawa, ON
Big City Windows is the finding of the year. My eyes rejoice, looking at the new windows in the house. Many thanks to the neighbors who recommended the company and also thanks to the company’s team for their high quality window installation.
Livia Moser. Ottawa, ON