Awning Windows

Are awning windows right for your home? The team at Big City Windows can help you decide. If you are in the market for new windows Ottawa, this is an option you want to consider closely. Even if you've never thought of this type of window before, there are reasons to make your choice for your replacement windows.

This window design involves the use of hinges along the top of the window frame. The design allows the sash to swing outward rather than side to side or up and down. Thanks to the design style. the windows are functional in terms of allowing fresh air into the home even if it's raining. They are also a visually appealing addition to the home since awing style windows add a new touch to the exterior.

The awning windows offered by Big City Windows open up to 45 degrees, which is enough to allow the air to circulate with ease. Thanks to our ability to customize all our window designs, we can easily create custom awnings if of any size. One discussion with our team will be all it takes to confirm that we offer the highest quality and the best awning window prices in the area.

What Awning Windows Will Do For You And Your Home

When you choose to invest in awning windows in Ottawa, a number of advantages will come your way. Here are some of the ways that installing this window design throughout your home will benefit you today and in the years to come.

Enhancing Curb Appeal

One of the things you'll notice about this window style is that it adds a new touch to the look of your home. There's something about windows that are hinged along the top and swing out that help to boost the curb appeal of just about any home design. If you've lived with a different design for years, you'll appreciate how having these windows opened slightly makes a big difference in how welcoming your home looks from the street.

A Nice Breeze Even When It's Raining

If you like the sound of the rain but don't care for having to close all your windows during a downpour, awning windows in Ottawa are an excellent choice. It's easy enough to open the windows just enough to create a nice flow of air through the house and still keep the rain from entering through the open space. Think of what that means in terms of listening to the soothing sounds of the rain and still getting to enjoy the breeze.

Privacy is Simple

If you prefer some privacy, it's easy enough to go with frosted or tinted glass for your new windows. Even if you choose tinted windows, it's still possible to swing the bottom of the window outward slightly and enjoy some natural light and air. Along with providing the privacy you seek, tinted or frosted windows add another decorate element inside and outside.

Call our team at Big City Windows today and learn more about what awning window designs can do for you and for your home. Once you make the selection, we'll work with you to schedule an installation date and ensure you are happy with the results.

Features and Benefits

  • Solid 3 1/4″ fusion-welded frame and sash corners that are sturdy and durable
  • Multiple chambers that provide better insulation and decrease condensation
  • Custom profiles available for a more hand-crafted look
  • A double co-extruded hollow bulb seal for increased insulative qualities
  • Weather sealing to prevent air flow when the window is closed
  • Windows open to a full 45 degrees
  • Handy overlap screen that comes with a hidden retention feature and can be removed when you like
  • Highest quality hardware ensures easy operation
  • Locking system with multiple points ensures more security
  • Available with double or triple pane Solar Solutions glazing options.
  • Double and triple pane glass is available

Colour Options

  • Sandalwood

  • Brown

  • Normandy

  • White

  • Ivory

  • Sandstone

  • Classic Burgundy

  • Dark Bronze

  • Fiddelehead Green

  • Black Iron

  • Peal Green

  • Twany Rose

  • Dark Beige

  • Brick Red

  • Stone Harbour

  • Deep Royal Blue

  • Barren Plain

  • Sandy White

Your Awning Windows and The Options for Colours & Finishes

Big City Windows offers three exciting choices for colours and finishes. Choose the one that you like best for those awing windows in Ottawa and you'll love them for decades.

Start with our basic paint options. We offer a total of 18 colours to choose from. All of our paints are formulated to be ecologically safe for the environment. They resist fading, cracking, and other problems you might find with lesser paints.

If you like laminate, you'll love our pre-finished woodgrain interior laminate. Made using a state of the art method developed in Europe, the laminate finish adheres securely to a vinyl coating. The result is a strong cherry laminate that will not fade, chip, blister, or peel.

Speaking of vinyl coatings, check out our Capstock colour product. The colour is extruded right along with the substrate uPVC used in the production process. Expect the vibrant colours to remain true for years. You'll also not have to worry about scratching or a change in the gloss level for a long time.



Accessorizing With Grilles & Divided Lites

Big City Windows is well-known for the quality of our window accessories. That includes grilles and divided light options. You can go with our basic interior grille that' found in the layers of glass forming the panes. Choose from a variety of colours, styles, and sizes to find the perfect match for your home.

You can also choose our Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) option. Rather than in the glass, the grille is applied to the exterior. The result is a grille that has all the visual appeal of traditional grilles that were created and installed using historical methods. In terms of authenticity, it would be hard to tell the difference between SDL and traditional grilles.

Remember that the glass you choose can be beveled, grooved, leaded or tinted to your specifications. Caming options for your new windows also include brass or zinc finishes as well as a patina that's encased between the glass layers.

Never second guess where to buy awning windows. The only real choice is Big City Windows. Call us today and let's get started on designing the perfect windows for your home. From our standard designs to custom fitting and sizing, we will ensure you are happy with those new windows and will enjoy them for years to come.

Accessories Options


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