There are two important key elements (mentioned in the name) that buyers should take note of when purchasing this specific product. The first one is the actual door panels. What are its dimensions (Ex; in this case, the width is 63" to 78")? What are the main features? What advantages can they provide to the house?

The second element is a little less conspicuous, carrying a title not particularly well known among the general populace. It is the transom. Does this perhaps sound familiar? Not really?

Well, in architecture a transom is basically a horizontal beam or a transverse, reinforcing crossbar set above a window or a door.

This combination of a double door porch enclosure and a transom can bring about many benefits, such as:

  • Better lighting - Due to the transom window situated right above the door, natural light is guided into the area with ease. The double doors also have frames that permit the sun's radiance to shine through.
  • Nature Protection - Flies buzzing and harsh wind are not exactly the most ideal element to come to ace with when trying to get your daily dosage of vitamin D. These simple door panels can serve as a great defense against mother nature at times it is most needed.
  • A winter buffering zone - Trapping heat during those cold months and reserving a small zone free from rain and/or snow is one of the many perks porch enclosures can provide.
  • A boost in style - Take the exteriors allure up by several notches when you add an eye-catching focal point to the residence. Double doors = twice the amount of style.
  • Higher market resale value - To maximize your properties' value all you really need is to up the curb appeal and add to the overall quality. How? Well, starting with the upgrade of your patio may just do the trick.
  • Superior security - Think about it. A porch entryway is an additional barrier that blocks the outside world from your door. This will not only slow down any potential intruders, but possibly deter them from even attempting a breakthrough from the front.