• Do you own a considerably large residence or porch?
  • Are you looking to fill the rooms inside with more natural light?
  • Does partying or the moving of large pieces of equipment take commonplace in your routine?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you should definitely consider opting for the installation of these double door 2 panels and transom.

Just as a large door would look unnatural on a small house, a small door is not exactly the best match for a larger home. In this case, when the halls are bigger the standard rule of thumb is sticking to double doors that complement the size rather than take away from it.

Do not worry, you will not have to compromise your style and/or creativity with the purchase of this enclosure. We offer a wide variety of door designs, many handle options, several different colours, two different thicknesses, and the option of adding house numbers and/or threshold to our clients.

All this being said, double door porch enclosures do tend to be more expensive and difficult to install, but it is important to remember that they also bring about some major benefits to their owners.

  • More natural lighting: Thanks to the transom window located just above the door, natural light is directed into the area with ease.
  • A roomier entrance: When it comes to double doors, the option to open one door or two is always available. Having both doors open can be of great use to avoid or reduce the amount of crowding, and provide enough space for the entrance of multiple people and objects.
  • Higher market resale value: It really is simple. Investors invest in what they believe can attract an audience. Buyers usually buy what they appreciate in seeing. Only when your house stands out can you attract. Only when you appear to be of quality can you be appreciated. This double door panel can no doubt be of great use in these aspects.

Notice that double door porch enclosures have much to offer and are great investments for the future. They are highly recommended to families with the budget and space for them.