Energy Efficient Windows

Are Your Windows Draining Your Wallet? Big City Windows Can Help!

Windows don't last forever. When was the last time you had yours checked? If they are not in top shape, they could be costing you a lot of money every month. At Big City Windows, we offer windows Ottawa that will put money back in your pocket by helping you reduce your energy bills.

Do You Have Drafts in One or More Rooms?

The windows may be closed but you still notice a breeze flowing through the room. That makes settling into your favourite chair and being comfortable harder. Whether in the summer or the wintertime, the temperature in the space is just not right.

Call our team at Big City Windows today and let us perform an energy audit on your windows. We'll find out where the air is coming from. It may be seeping in between the sashes or flowing through tiny cracks around the window casing. Either way, those drafts make it harder to heat and cool your home. We can change that with new windows that seal perfectly and lower your energy consumption by a noticeable margin.

Do Your Windows Rattle When a Storm Comes Through?

It may be a slight draft most of the time but what happens when a storm moves through the area. Do you find that the drapes flap as if they were hanging on a clothesline? Do you realize how much energy it takes to offset that steady breeze that is working through your older windows when none should be occurring at all?

Give us a call at Big City Windows today and arrange for a free evaluation. Our team will check every window in the house and pinpoint all the problem areas. Our team will also talk with you about how investing in new energy efficient windows in Ottawa will reduce your monthly energy costs and improve the look of your home. We'll even help you check out different window styles and find the one that's right for your house.

Is Your Heating and Cooling System Running More Than Ever?

Failing windows make it harder for your heating and cooling system control the temperature inside. If you notice that the system seems to kick on more often and continues to run for longer periods of time, the problem could be the poor condition of your windows.

Allow us to come in and check your windows from the inside and the outside. Our team at Big City Windows can tell if you need windows with double panes rather than single ones. We'll also provide you with a free consultation and discuss which window features would ease the stress on your heating and cooling system while still allowing you to open and close those windows when you like.

Stop paying more for energy than necessary! Call Big City Windows in Ottawa at 613-737-0077 or 613-707-8477 today and take advantage of our free evaluation and quote.
Reach out to us by email at and we'll set up an appointment that's convenient for you.

Don't live with those old windows any longer! With our help, those new energy efficient windows will be in place in no time and you'll begin to reap the benefits.