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The contoured profile adds an architectural element that will create a unique look for your home.


Awning windows provide functionality, yet they must also blend in flawlessly as a component of the home's overall architecture.

Architectural Shapes

Sophisticated curves, arches, circles and other geometric shapes, plus a willingness to accommodate the creative demands of the most demanding home designers, keeps architects coming back consistently to Big City for installations that are more than just windows.

Casement Fixed

High profile fixed windows create spectacular window effects in a home, create an elegant expanse of glass and achieve a higher level of architectural sophistication.

Slim Fixed

Our slim fixed windows are appreciated by architects and home renovators because of their design with narrow frames that enable viewing areas to be maximized.

Single Slider Tilt

This window design is appropriate for the side of homes or for smaller rooms within the home, combining an appealing appearance with functionality.

Double Slider Tilt

Many homeowners like this window because of the simplicity of its styling and operation and its easy adaptability to so many home window applications.

Single Hung Tilt

This traditional window design has stood the test of time from the early days of North America to the present and is an excellent choice for historic homes where architectural or historical integrity must be maintained.

Double Hung Tilt

Our engineers created this double hung tilt window to satisfy sophisticated styling expectations while providing the maximum flexibility in ventilation options.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a combination of three fixed and/or operating windows, joined together at either a 30° or 45° angle.

Bow Windows

Each Bow window is formed by joining together 4, 5 or more equal-sized windows, either in standard 10° or 15° angles to form the graceful curve.

Have Questions? We Have the Answers!

At Big City Windows, we understand that customers sometimes find it challenging to choose the right Ottawa windows. That's why we are happy to work with you and answer any questions that come to mind. As you look over the selection of windows we offer, feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.

Perhaps you have questions about the materials used. Whether you are thinking about replacements made from wood, metal or vinyl, our team will be happy to go over the benefits associated with each choice. We want you to be happy with the window style and material that you choose today and for many years to come.

Along with providing suggestions for designs and materials, there will still be little touches to consider. For example, would you like the glass tinted? With more than one type of pane to consider, it helps to know what to expect in terms of appearance, energy efficiency, and durability. Our team at Big City Windows works with you to settle all those little details before the replacement project gets underway.

Even after you choose the window material and style that suits your home and select the details that fit in with the home style and your personal taste, there may still be questions about how the process will proceed. If you do have some questions about your upcoming vinyl window replacement in Ottawa, don't hesitate to talk with our contractors. We will go through the process with you step by step so you understand what must be done to ensure your new windows are a perfect fit.

Call Big City Windows today and let's get started/ Remember that whether you choose an Ottawa vinyl windows replacement or settle on other materials, you always get the best with us. Once all the choices are made, those new windows will be in place in no time.

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