Repair vs. Replace - Know Your Window Facts before You Tackle a Home Reno Project

Home renovation projects can be exciting, especially when everything starts coming together and the end results become more visible. However, many property owners end up overspending or trying to repair windows when they should actually be replaced. Below are a few signs to look for, which indicate that windows replacement should be performed instead of ...

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7 Amazingly Creative Front Door Designs

A broad range of front door is available in the market that offers an extensive range of designs and colors. Some of the amazing front door designs and styles are given in this article.

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Designer Opinion: Top 3 Window Styles for Kitchen Upgrades

Do you want to add style, sophistication, and elegance to your kitchen and want to make it more appealing? Window style is very significant to enhance the look of any kitchen. The choice of a window is imperative because these windows not only used for the decorative purpose but also have the functional use.

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Get What You Paid For! How to Check the Quality of Custom Door Installations

When you want to repair or install a new door at your home, the first thing which matters is a quality of the door. Everyone intends to get the best quality at a great price. To find an affordable door installation service with high quality is a dream of every home owner. The selection of the services of door installation is very significant in getting the best results.

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Air Leak? Call Us 613 737 0077

AIR LEAK DETECTION AND REPAIR TIPS: TIP 1: Wait for a windy day, or get started in the morning when the outside temperature is cooler than the indoor temperature. While you are inside your house, follow the perimeter of your exterior walls. You can use your bare hand to feel for leaks but lit incense ...

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