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Am I Choosing The Right Entry Door in Ottawa?

Did you know there are many different styles of entry doors in Ottawa that can suit different home setups? Choosing the right Ottawa entry door isn't always obvious but it can be one of the biggest decisions you make.

Why is Choosing the Right Door So Important?

Not every Ottawa entry door is made the same, which is why you need to look into the specifics of each door you consider. Some doors specialize in safety like Ottawa steel doors while other doors highlight the aesthetic appeal of your home like glass doors. But no matter which Ottawa front door you choose, it's important that it fits your home and your individual needs. Many windows and doors Ottawa specialists can help you choose the right entry door for you. Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing an Ottawa front door:

  • Do you want a door that is easy to maintain and care for?
  • Is safety the most important factor for you?
  • Are you looking for an eye-catching door design that will get people talking?
  • Is your number one priority functionality?

There are many different types of Ottawa entry doors that suit different needs and answer the different questions above. Let's go over some door varieties and you can decide for yourself which one would suit your home best.

Classic Entry Door

The classic entry door is the most versatile door we offer. These Ottawa entry doors can suit a myriad of home sets up, both residential and commercial. The classic Ottawa entry doors are the most customizable and offer the most flexibility with materials. Some materials used to make classic Ottawa front doors include:

  • Finger-joined solid wood
  • Solid composite with wood grain veneer
  • Pine, White Oak, Mahogany

In addition to offering lots of material options, classic entry doors are some of the easiest doors to care for. Its wood framing with a vinyl wrap makes for seamless maintenance and a long-lasting door. Classic Ottawa entry doors can also be customized in a spectrum of colors including bronze, sandstone, white, black and sandalwood.

In addition to all of this, classic Ottawa entry doors come with completely customizable panels made of smooth or textured fiberglass, engineered wood or steel. Classic entry doors can also be accessorized with transoms or decorative glass, decorative hardware or sidelites. Basically, if you're looking for a highly customizable door that will fit perfectly into your home and look good, a classic entry Ottawa front door may be the best option for you. These styles can suit a variety of needs and can make for the best Ottawa front doors, back doors or even side doors!

Steel Doors Ottawa

Steel Doors

If you're concerned with the security of your front door in Ottawa in your home, a steel door may be the style for you. Ottawa steel doors are made with the most durable materials so that not only will your home be safe, but it will keep out inclimate weather, debris and noise pollution. Although steel doors are made with hard steel door material, they still look amazing and can even be customized almost exactly the way you want. Steel doors are similar to classic entry doors in that they can be customized any way you like. You can choose up to three panels, include stylish accessories or make your steel door look like an elegant wooden door! The possibilities are endless, especially since you're dealing with a steel door manufacturing facility with flexible use of materials and finishes. Installing a steel door in Ottawa doesn't need to be a hassle, at Big City Windows we have professionals on call who can answer all of your Ottawa steel door inquiries.

If you want an extra layer of security on top of a regular steel door, consider storm doors. They're designed to seal in your home completely from unwanted pests, debris, and inclimate weather. They also will cancel out any outdoor noise that may be occurring which makes them perfect for homes on noisy streets. Since storm doors are made with the strongest, heavy-duty materials, they are known to last a very long time. Investing in a storm door or an Ottawa steel door may be the last door investment you'll ever need to make.

Other Door Styles

In addition to classic entry doors and steel entry doors, you may come across some other styles of Ottawa front doors that may fit your home. These doors are more specialized and would suit a home with more stylistic flair.

Decorative Glass Doors:

Decorative Glass Doors can be customized with different designs and even colors. Glass doors allow natural light into your foyer and are a good option for townhouses or houses that need more light inside. The glass panes on our decorative glass doors are sturdy and beautiful providing top security as well as aesthetic appeal.

Castlegate Wood Entry Doors:

These type of doors highlight wood as the main material. We build our Castlegate Wood Entry Doors using CNC machining which allows for better security and for the sturdiest wood doors you will probably ever come across. These types of doors come customizable in mahogany, cherry, and white oak. Aside from the fact that these doors are among the best hardwood doors on the market today, they look stunning and will bring sophistication to any home.

Citadel Fibreglass Doors:

If you aren't so keen on an entire door of decorative glass, try the Citadel Fibreglass door. Fibreglass is easier to maintain and it looks just as good as any glass door. These doors come in an array of designs and different wood materials, colors and textures. If you're looking for a low maintenance option that still looks stunning, this door may be the one for you.

Double Doors:

Double doors may be a good option if you want a more dramatic entryway. Double doors come in all sorts of styles and colors and can be custom-fitted to your home. The best thing about this door option is that it allows more light into the home and is great for both the front and back of the house.

Ottawa Entry Door

Thinking of Replacement Doors?

Many people come to us to install doors for their newly built home, but the majority actually just need replacement doors. Most experts say that doors last an average of 30 years. Sometimes door hinges can wear down and weather/debris can affect the appearance and function of your door. Replacing your door is actually easier than you think and if you work with the right Ottawa windows and doors manufacturing facility, it can be done very quickly and efficiently. There are only a few simple things to consider when replacing a door:

  • Do you need a standard or a custom fit?

Door designs come in a standard size that fits most door openings you will find in the majority of homes. Find out whether you will be able to fit this standard size in your door frame or if you will need a custom fit. If you do think you need a custom fit door, a professional can help you customize the right door for you.

  • What kind of material is best for you?

Depending on where your door is in your home (is it covered or exposed?) and how exposed to the elements it is will determine what kind of materials you should be using for your custom door. Choosing a material with as much protection to the elements as possible is a safe bet. Vinyl and fibreglass, one of the sturdiest materials available will protect your door from weathering. Steel and wood provide top security. And glass doors have aesthetic appeal and let in an abundance of light.

  • What style are you looking for?

Consider the style of your home when choosing a door. If your home is more sophisticated with an older, decorative style, you may want to choose a door that's more ornate so it will fit nicely with your original decor. If your home has a more standard, lived in style, then a door with a minimalist design might be your best bet.

  • What is the color scheme of your house?

Take a look at the color scheme of the outside (and inside) of your home. A professional designer or even an Ottawa windows and doors manufacturer can help you choose the right custom color to compliment the colors of your house.

  • How secure do you want the door?

It's suggested that you have at least basic security on your door. Sometimes even just having a complex lock will buy you time in the event of a break and enter. There are many doors that are made with security in mind. Be sure to mention how secure you want your door to a professional Ottawa windows and doors manufacturer and they will be able to design a door that works for you.

  • How much are you willing to spend?

Doors can be surprisingly budget friendly. Just ask your contractor how much you're willing to spend and they may be able to come up with solutions to work around your budget.

What about Replacing Windows?

So say you've chosen your door and you're happy with it. What about windows to go along with it? If you're considering Ottawa windows, there are lots of options available. But which one is right for you? Your window choice will depend on the dimensions of your rooms, the materials on the exterior and interior of your home and the overall style of your room or home. If you're unsure about what kind of replacement windows you should install into your home, it may be useful to consult a window replacement company like Big City Windows and Doors to give you a quote and help you choose the right window replacement.

How Do You Know You Need to Replace Your Windows?

  • Opening and closing it is a chore - As windows get older they can develop difficulties opening and closing. Getting replacement windows will allow your windows to slide open and close seamlessly. You can even get close to the same style of window.
  • You try to maintain them but they never look quite right - Does it seem like no matter how much caulking you apply or how much you maintain and clean your windows, they always look old and disheveled? Maybe it's time for a new outlook. A new window!
  • You notice your heating and cooling costs are too high - Without properly insulating your windows, you might notice your utility bills are a bit more expensive than usual. This is because heat can escape through the micro cracks in your window and window pane. By replacing your windows, you can cut your utility bill in half if not more. This makes replacing windows Ottawa definitely a worthwhile investment.

Windows Replacement Company Ottawa

Choosing the right door or window for your home can bring on unnecessary stress. There are so many options out there, it can make your head spin! Most of the time, it's intuitive which door or window would be best for your home but it's not always obvious. It's dependent on so many factors such as door frame size, location of the door in your home, whether it's protected by an awning or exposed to the elements, the style of your home etc.

Choosing the right door or window for your home can bring on unnecessary stress. There are so many options out there, it can make your head spin! Most of the time, it's intuitive which door or window would be best for your home but it's not always obvious. It's dependent on so many factors such as door frame size, location of the door in your home, whether it's protected by an awning or exposed to the elements, the style of your home etc.

By consulting an Ottawa windows and doors company like Big City Windows and Doors, we have the equipment, facilities, designers and manufacturers to deliver top quality windows and doors every time. With our services, we guarantee that you'll be getting the door you intend for. We make our Ottawa windows and doors right on-site and include your input every step of the way. From choosing the design to applying the finish, we make sure we're delivering you the door or window of your dreams, while also giving you a great custom experience in the process.

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