Andrey Marshaniya

Co-founder of Big City Windows and Doors

For over 12 years, Andrey has co-founded and led Big City Windows and Doors into being Ottawa’s industry-leading windows and doors replacement & installation company. 

Andrey's journey began when he started working as a windows and doors installer for 10 years. This foundational experience allowed him to gain hands-on expertise and an in-depth understanding of the details of installing and maintaining high-quality windows and doors. 

For the past twelve years, Andrey has co-owned Big City Windows and Doors, a company that has grown under his leadership and vision. With his over two decades of knowledge, Andrey shares his experience to better the project work completed by his fleet of certified Big City Windows and Doors Installers.

Outside of windows and doors, Andrey’s hobbies include spending time honing his skills in Muay Thai boxing and practicing his marksman skills at shooting ranges.

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