Wood is exceptionally elegant. Marble is truly durable. The patterns of wood are unique and intricate. Flexible marble is pretty easy to maintain and install. Wood matches particularly well with classic furniture. Flexible marble is extremely versatile in usage. These points can probably be agreed on by the majority of the population.

Saying all of this, it should be made clear that both materials have many advantages. Each has their pros, but knowing them can sometimes make it hard to choose.

Should they choose the tree-derived option since its style might match better with their home decor? Or would the flexible stone be the superior option since it requires less maintenance and is more versatile? If you are pondering over the same questions, we may just have what you need!

Presenting flexible marble, wood style. When stuck between two amazing choices, sometimes you need to look to the option that combines the best of both worlds. Using eco and nanotechnologies, window replacement company Big City Windows and Doors now offers its clients natural looking, flexible marble finished with a wood-grained texture.

The choice of this earth-inspired product now comes in several different colours; ranging from a lovely beige to deep chestnut. Who said style needed to be comprised by the utility?

If by chance you are considering the purchase but require a visual reference before making the decision, simply look to the images and names below indicated by the letter "D".