For many centuries now, marble has been mined and frequently used as a solid material in the industry of construction. This elegant and aesthetically appealing material is generated when metamorphic rocks are extracted and then tempered over a range of time under various temperatures and levels of pressure.

Now, more often than not, marble - or any other stone for that matter - is not used in homes in the form it is naturally produced. Before utilizing the slabs of rock, they have to go through a treatment process we like to call "finishing". In modern times, there exist many finishing processes/materials out there. However, in this case, we are only going to be talking about and focusing on sand-blasting.

Sandblasted stone is engineered only with the help of experienced professionals. To obtain the desired product, silica sand is applied and blasted through a highly pressurized air gun to the surface of the stones. The end result is an extremely fine and granular textured appearance. Small craters can also be seen adding emphasis and in a way highlighting the colour of the stone. These sort of tiles can be seen in many homes, after all the appearance is very popular in demand.

Shown below, is the flexible sandblasted marble we offer that showcases a velvety, lightly textured feel. It is available in 10 colours all indicated by the letter "K".