Marble, no doubt, is an elegant and beautiful material. In fact, it is to the point where some hip folk would even say that it is "Tumblr-worthy".

Flexible marble and different finishing material/techniques were engineered by scientists and used to facilitate and ameliorate the entire decor process.

Since we already explained what flexible marble was on our homepage, let's dive straight into the latter part. One of these greatly used stone finishing processes is called 'Brushing".

Using tools carrying steel or hard nylon bristles and gentle brush strokes; the softer parts of the mineral are removed, light texture is added, and the desired rippled surface look is produced. A bonus to this entire operation is that the end product is more scratch-resistant (Perfect for those playful children and sharp-clawed pets!) .

Moving on to appearances, as seen in the following images, the brushed marble gives off a soft, antique appearance. These colours were chosen since they can truly blend in with any theme and possibly highlight and accent any of the other colours and/or shades used. The finish creates an antique appearance. Indicated by the letter "B".