Sliding Patio Doors: The Entrance Way for Ottawa’s Best Hosts to Welcome Guests to a Great Party

Nothing bests having a house party in the summer. One of the things you should consider is which entrance your guest should use when they arrive. It may seem a little unconventional, but there are definite advantages to having your guests make their entrances through the sliding glass patio doors. Here are some points to ponder as you plan your next bash.

Treating Friends Like Family

One of the reasons that having your friends use the sliding or swinging patio doors to make their appearance is the fact that it's such a less formal approach. Typically, the front door is seen as a more formal way to welcome guests into your home. By inviting your guests to make use of an entry point that is most often used by family members, you are sending the subtle message that your friends are a part of your extended family.

While this is a fine point, it is one that ties back to the desire to be hospitable and welcoming. People who are granted the privilege of using the patio door instead of the front door have a sense of being more a part of your life. Even if they are bringing along someone you don't know, the fact that they still get to use this entry point instead of the front door is a hint that they are special.

A Wider Entry Point

Thanks to the way that most glass patio doors are designed, you have the chance to create a wider entry point for your guests. The doors can be opened to the fullest point, allowing for a steady flow of people to come through at one time. Compared with greeting guests at the front door, you'll find it easier for larger groups to come inside and begin to enjoy the music, dancing, and food that is laid out for everyone.

Decorating the Entry

It's true that you can decorate any point of entry for a party. What you will quickly realize is that the possibilities with the patio door in Ottawa are much greater than with the front or back doors. Simply put, you have more space to work with in terms of decorations.

Think of what could be done around the door frame to make it more festive and inviting. Now consider the fact that you could use a number of methods to dress up the glass proper for the party. Creating an entry point that's fun, in keeping with the theme, and brings smiles to the faces of your guests will be much easier if you use the patio doors.

All the Better for an Indoor/Outdoor Event

Perhaps you are planning a pool party with the food set up buffet-style inside and room for the band and dancing on the patio. Why not have the guests come in by the side gate and make their way around to the patio entrance? That allows them to quickly decide if they want to swim first, eat, dance, or settle into an area where some of the guest are enjoying the sunshine.

The patio doors are more than a convenient way to get from the inside to the back yard. Consider making the door your main point of entry at your next party. You'll be surprised at how well this strategy works and how much your guests like the idea.