Why Big City Windows Ottawa

Free no obligation quotations and demonstration of products

Big City Window Ottawa understand the importance of a householder's need to know their replacement windows and doors adhere to a certain standard. That's why Big City Windows Ottawaknows it's not enough to simply expect customers to accept catalog images of their future investment.

We are so proud of our product quality that we have our consultants show it to you within your home. Our free consultation service puts the homeowner under no obligation to buy and has been integrated as part of the way we prefer to build our reputation for quality replacement doors and windows.

Big City Windows Ottawa doesn't just send sales representatives to your home. We send consultants, at a time which is convenient to you, who know the products and who can show you the positive benefits of high specification replacement doors and windows. They give you a full presentation to help you to decide, based on accurate measurements of your doors and windows.

You don't even need to wait weeks for your consultation because at Big City Windows Ottawa, we are able to give you access to financial packages which work for you, and can answer questions you may have about your particular needs. You won't need to worry about quality, as our customers know the quality from this first demonstration. That's why our consultants enjoy spreading the news on products they believe to be the best value for the customer's home.

At Big City Windows, our customers get preferential treatment

They are not merely statistics on a spreadsheet, but real people with real needs that Big City Windows Ottawa is happy to help them with. We like to keep in touch with old customers as well as potential customers because it helps customer confidence and allows after-sales service second to none. That's why Homestar and The Best Business Bureau recognize Big City Windows Ottawa as a service worthy of its awards.

Proud to be Canadian

Potential customers may be wondering why we are so sure of the quality of our replacement doors and windows. The fact is that these are made from Canadian products, which have been manufactured locally. That means that all of our replacement windows and doors take into account climatic conditions and the increased need for Energy Star insulation qualities.

The products meet strict local quality controls and codes and that's better than choosing replacements which are imported and which may not take account of the climatic element. Our Canadian building standards allow for keeping utility costs down by keeping the heat in during the winter and the hot outside temperature at bay during the hotter seasons. Thus, you save money long term.

Big City Windows Ottawa know how important it is for homeowners to have confidence in their choice of replacement doors and windows, but can add even more incentive by showing you our other priority.

Producing energy-efficient Canadian replacement windows and doors helps us to provide our customers with long term solutions. During the design and construction of doors and windows, several elements are considered. Our replacement windows and doors have been tested for energy efficiency, high quality and durability over a long period of time. The end-product of using all three elements is backed by our guarantees and are made from energy efficient vinyl, giving the best Energy Star readings possible for replacement windows and doors. Our customer satisfaction rate says that we produce products which put all of these elements into the manufacturing process and we are proud of that achievement.

How can we do better than to have the approval of customers than to be internationally accepted and to show the emblem for superb energy efficiency on every door and window produced? This certainly makes us happy and our clients proud of being environmentally aware.

So what makes our windows different?

Big City Windows Ottawa use advanced technology during the manufacturing process. The vinyl used involved a lot of experimentation and research to produce just the right mix and to end up with a high specification end product similar to that used to coat electrical wires and plumbing pipes up to today's stringent codes of durability.

Our recipe is unique and we are confident that its longevity and efficiency is down to the finely tested uPVC that our customers enjoy today in their replacement windows and doors. These are the best on the Canadian market and that's why a lifetime guarantee on the product and installation is possible and even transferable! Such is our belief in the quality of our workmanship and the product produced.

Our Price Promise

Giving customers a price promise is what Big City Windows Ottawa do. After all, we are confident that our prices are good and that the quality being bought is first rate. Comparing like for like, if a customer can find anyone offering a quotation for the same product cheaper than us, we will match or even beat that price, provided that the quotation is from a reputable company and the same quality is offered. We're so sure that our prices are the best that we have added this sweetener to the package because it makes sense. We are also happy to quote for your work even if you have already had quotations and will always give a competitive price.

Helping the customer with finance

Big City Windows Ottawa feel that replacement windows should be something which is affordable to everyone. Paying in one payment may be difficult and we understand that. Our financing plans can help you and in conjunction with major financial institutions have made it possible for customers to have access to the financing needed. Qualifying for this help is simple and straightforward and one of our professionals will be able to discuss all of these aspects with you without making you wait around for answers. Simply pick up the phone or email us and leave the rest to us. Free estimates can be provided in a 24 hour turnaround time, giving you the freedom of choice. It makes sense that you want to save money, and it all starts by contacting Big City Windows Ottawa who treat each customer inquiry with the same professionalism, regardless of the size of your home.