Which Doors Should You Be Looking to Replace This Spring?

Spring is the time to clear out the closets, clean the carpeting, and think about any other home improvement projects that need attention before summer arrives. One of the tasks that is under consideration is doing something with the doors. Which doors should be replaced and why? Here are some ideas that will provide you with inspiration.

The Front Door

When was the last time you really looked at your front door? While every member of the family uses the entrance daily, it's easy to not give it a second thought. Now is the time to inspect the door closely and decide if it could use some attention.

A closer examination may reveal that the bottom portion of the door is showing signs of wear. Perhaps the wood around the base is beginning to deteriorate. You also notice there is a thin crack that runs from the small window in the upper third of the door all the way to the base.

The Patio Door

Have you noticed that the patio door looks a little scratched and is getting harder to open and close? It could be that the tracks need cleaning or are damaged. It could also mean it's time to think about investing in a new door.

Perhaps you want to keep the patio sliding door design but invest in a new one to replace that old scratched and dented one. Another way to go is to think about hinged doors that swing outward. Make sure the space needed for a proper patio door swing on each side is sufficient and you may find that single or double doors are more visually appealing inside and out.

The Garage Door

Most people pay little attention to their garage doors unless they fail to work properly. Before assuming your old door will make it one more year, spend some time checking it closely. Are some of the panels showing signs of age? Have you noticed that the automatic door opener seems to hesitate from time to time? Depending on the condition, you may want to talk with a professional about the steel garage doors designed for residential use.

There are other doors in your home that may also need some attention. Don't hesitate to check the condition of the bedroom doors, those French doors that connect the dining room with the living room, and even the doors for the bathrooms. If any of them seem to require more than a coat of paint, replacing the doors is an option. Contact a professional and learn more about the replacement options. Doing so will make your spring cleaning faster and life in general a little easier.