Vinyl Door and Window Projects You Can Tackle in Any Season

A large number of property owners think that they can only perform home improvement projects and renovation during the summer. This is not the case though – projects such as vinyl window replacement and the installation of brand new sliding doors can be done at virtually any time of the year.

1. Install New Vinyl Windows

Over the past few years, vinyl window replacement has become one of the most popular home improvement projects among property owners. Not only are vinyl windows extremely attractive; they have been proven to be far more cost-effective and durable than most other types of windows as well. Another great benefit of these windows is that, unlike aluminum or wooden framed, they can be manufactured in a wide range of custom colors and styles. This ensures that your new windows can be made to fit in with your home's existing style and décor.

2. Service and Maintain Sliding Doors

Most people don't give their home's sliding doors a second thought – until they become difficult to open and close or they struggle to see through the glass panes because they have become grimy. In many cases, sliding door maintenance is as simple as sweeping out the track area that the door runs on, as this ensures that no debris can get caught in the wheels, and washing the panes with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge. If you have cleaned the runner tracks out and the door still struggles to move, it may be time to have the wheels replaced. While this can sometimes be classified as a DIY project, wheels on larger doors should rather be replaced by an expert.

3. Repair Existing Windows

Have you noticed that your energy bills seem to be climbing, but you simply cannot figure out why? If so, your home's windows may be to blame. As windows age, they become less energy-efficient because caulking and seals become brittle and less effective at keeping the outside air from entering your home. One of the easiest ways to determine whether double- or triple-pane windows need to be replaced is if moisture or mold starts to develop between the panes – there is unfortunately no way to repair these panes once this happens.

If your home has wooden window frames that are beginning to disintegrate when you touch them, or holes are appearing on the wood, it is time to replace these as well. This damage can either be caused by termites or old age – the easiest ways to determine whether it is termite damage is to see whether there is mud trails leading to the frames or whether any areas of the frames sound hollow when knocked on.

When performing window repair or replacement, it's essential that you use a company that hires experienced and accredited installers. This will ensure that top quality products are used and that a guarantee or warranty is provided. Contact Big City Windows today to find out more about replacing or repairing the windows and sliding doors around your home.