Make a Lasting Impression on Guests with a Beautiful Front Door on Your Home

Front doors are one of the elements that determine what first-time visitors think of the home. Along with the way the grounds are maintained and the colors used for the exterior, the main entry helps to set the stage for what guests expect to find inside. Here are some tips that will help you come up with a door that makes a positive impression and provides a proper welcome every time.

Considering the Style of the Home

There are plenty of options for Ottawa entry doors, but only a few that will work with the design of your house. A key point to keep in mind is that a door can look great on a showroom floor but be totally wrong for your home. Focus your attention on doors that include design elements that work well with the rest of the exterior.

For example, you may love the idea of double doors for the entry. That's fine if you have a larger home that requires a more opulent point of entry. When your home happens to be a mid-20th century ranch style, ornate double doors will seem out of place. Instead of creating a welcoming entry, you end up with something that looks a little ostentatious. A better choice would be a single door that picks up on some element of the exterior and helps to unify the look of the place.

Thinking About Colours

Colour selections also matter when it comes to choosing entry doors of any kind. The goal is to go with colours or stains that bring out the visual qualities of the doors without clashing with the rest of the exterior. If a wooden door is chosen, the type of stain used does matter. Go with something that helps to bring out the grain of the wood, especially if the home style is more casual. For a more formal look, go with a darker stain.

If a colour is desired, draw inspiration from the combination already used for the exterior. Picking up the same colour used for the trim work is one approach. You can also go with third colour that works well with the main and trim colours.

Considering Different Materials

While much of the focus is on the door appearance, remember that the final choice must be practical. Think of what the door provides in terms of security and energy efficiency. Not everyone knows that fiberglass doors can be treated with a veneer to create any look desired. They can also be filled with insulation to help improve control of the temperature inside. As a professional will explain, the design used for the fiberglass door will be sturdy and provide plenty of security.

Remember that the right front door is just as important as all the other design elements of the home. Talk with a professional and discuss different materials, styles, and designs. Find out what each one offers in terms of energy ratings and security for the house. It won't take long to find something that has the right visual qualities and also provides excellent performance for many years.