Increase your Curb Appeal with Beautiful Custom Garage Doors

Increasing a home's curb appeal tends to be something that most property owners associate with landscaping the garden, adding outdoor lighting or giving their homes a fresh coat of paint. However, an area that is often overlooked – which can also boost a home's outward appearance tremendously – is that of custom garage doors. Take a look at the tips below to ensure that you choose the right residential garage doors for your home.

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1. Various Material and Color Options Available

After deciding to replace the garage doors on your home, you will be faced with having to choose what type of doors you would like. Although steel garage doors are one of the most popular choices, other options can include fiberglass, aluminum, composite wood and solid wood – most of which can be insulated as well. While many people choose from the various options according to aesthetic purposes, solid wood or steel garage doors are usually the most durable choices. Nowadays, steel, fiberglass and aluminum doors can be manufactured in a wide range of colors as well.

2. Selecting the Best Type of Door

When purchasing custom garage doors, the installer will ask what type of door you would like. A few of the most common types of doors include sectional, roller shutter, canopy up and over and retractable up and cover. Before choosing a door type, it will be essential to speak with a professional installation company, as they will determine which door types will be the most suitable for your garage. For example, in cases where your garage opens right on to a walkway, you will need a door that doesn't protrude outwards, while garages with low head room will require a door that accommodates this.

3. Always Use Professional Suppliers and Installers

Too many property owners make the mistake of trying to shop around for the cheapest price when purchasing residential garage doors. However, this can be detrimental in that many companies that offer prices that are substantially lower than others in the industry may not be willing to honor warranties in the event of anything going wrong.

There is also the possibility of inferior products being installed, which results in property owners having to perform constant repairs and maintenance afterwards. As a result, it is crucial to do extensive research before choosing an installation company. Instead of choosing a company based on price, it is best to make a selection according to their reputation. Companies that have received numerous negative reviews should be avoided at all costs.

Before having your new garage door installed, it is essential that you inquire whether a guarantee or warranty is being offered on the product and workmanship. Using a company that stands by its products and honors warranties will ensure that you have backup on hand in the event that your door malfunctions. If you would like to find out more about the various types of garage doors that can be installed, contact our team at Big City Windows today.