How To Install Bay Window Seats With Storage

Have you always wanted to learn how to install bay window seats with storage but don't know where to start? Break it down into smaller to-do sections to help create a plan. The extra storage space will be so handy to have underneath a beautiful new place to read your favorite book or bird watch on a sunny spring day.

How to install bay window seats with storage can be a difficult project if you don't have experience, so find some really reliable blueprints with instructions and get help from a carpenter with any questions as you go.

Measure The Wall Angles

First, all your measurements must be accurate and you'll need to determine how to install bay window seats with the amount of storage you seek. The angle of your walls where the bay window sits will determine, and might significantly limit, the storage space you'll be able to fit underneath.

Determine the Depth Of Seat

How to install bay window storage deep enough to keep small items or blankets and pillows will be fairly easy. Building bay window seat storage deep enough to house more or large items might cut into the flow of walking or furniture space in the room.

Also keep in mind your desired amount of seating room or whether the seat above the storage is just for decorative purposes. If you want to actually lounge comfortably on this seat, add a few extra inches of depth if the room will allow. How to install bay window seats that are both beautiful and useful takes some extra time with the measuring tape up front.

Buy The Supplies

What kind of materials do you need to make the frame? How to install bay window seats with simple plywood takes less money than more expensive wood or sheetrock, plus is very attractive when painted. You can choose more expensive material, of course, but if your budget is tight that's an easy option.

Follow your specific window seat building plan for making sure you have all the materials and tools you required. Wood, paint, sandpaper, caulk, and nail gun – this is a project for someone who knows how to use these materials, plus carpenter tools like a miter saw and who has a couple of sawhorses in the garage.

How to install bay window seats successfully will probably also take a friend or two to help out with the heavy lifting, when possible.

Construct The Frame

How to install bay window frames that are straight and stable takes some extra care. Be sure you know where the studs in the walls are before you begin to build. Have a couple of levels handy (one long, one shorter) for checking the level of your frame repeatedly as you construct it.

There's the back frame to build and then the face frame. Remember that how to install bay window seats with storage requires that your seat cushion top opens from hinges or that your face frame has a couple of cupboard-like doors installed on the front.

Complete The Seat

The fame is completed, the seat top has been installed and now you can admire your work! At this point, how to install bay window seating cushions is very easy. Simply measure and sew a stuffed cushion with a sewing machine and some pillow batting or buy premade cushions that fit. When you learn how to install bay window seats from scratch, the decorative accents are the easy part and feel like a big reward.

How To Install Bay Window Storage Better

Without experience with how to install bay window seats with storage, it's best to hire someone to do it for you. What might take you a few weeks to finally get finished could take them only a few days. It might also be fun to hire a professional to build it with you, talking you through each step along the way.