Assessing Window Replacement Options

Whether you would like to improve the energy performance of your existing windows or replace them with new energy-efficient windows, several options are available. An energy audit can help you identify good strategies for more efficient windows and a more efficient house. Whichever energy efficiency measures you consider, the federal government as well as state, local, and utility programs may offer financing help or weatherization assistance.

While most new windows have labels indicating their energy properties, such information is not often available for existing windows. Download Window Energy Efficiency Checklist for assistance.

  • Repair Existing Windows
  • Assess if your existing windows are in a reasonable condition. The cost to repair or rehab will vary depending on the condition of the windows.
  • Evaluate Existing Windows
  • Caulking and Weatherstripping

Retrofit Existing Windows
If your existing windows are in a reasonable condition and you would like to hold on to them, there are several options for improving their energy performance.

  • Storm Windows
  • Solar Control Window Film
  • Sash Replacement
  • Exterior Shading

Replace Existing Windows
Decide if a full window replacement or a window insert is preferred.

  • Insert Window Replacement
  • Full Window Replacement
  • Replacement Window Selection Process
  • View Fact Sheets on Selecting Energy Efficient Windows