5 Window Treatment Ideas for your Sliding Doors

When having a patio sliding door installed, many people think that they will not be able to have any form of window treatment or covering placed over it because of the fact that it slides from side to side. However, nowadays, there are numerous attractive, affordable and practical options available – regardless of whether you want to disguise the appearance of the door or you would just like to enjoy a little privacy. Below are 5 options that can be considered.

1. Window Tinting

This is one of many options that can be installed by Ottawa window companies, and its purpose is twofold. Firstly, it can be used to enhance privacy levels in your home – especially when the darker tinting products are used. Secondly, most window film products that are installed these days offer an extremely high degree of UV protection as well. This not only protects your family from the sun's harmful rays; it also prevents carpets and furnishings from fading prematurely.

2. Gliding Window Panels

When a standard patio sliding door is not going to be the right option – if you want to see as much of your view outdoors as possible, for instance – a great alternative is gliding window panels. This option allows for multiple panels, each of which is attached to an overhead rail. These can be slid back and forth as needed, meaning that you can open just a few at a time or all of them.

3. Gliding Vertical Window Blinds or Shades

Many people refrain from having Ottawa window companies install blinds or shades on their sliding doors because they think that these devices will get in the way each time the door is opened or closed. However, when they are installed on bottom runners and overhead rails, vertical blinds or shades are a fantastic option for keeping the sun out or improving privacy levels indoors.

4. Shutters

Gone are the days where these devices would flap in the breeze each time you opened your sliding doors to get fresh air. These days, regular and plantation shutters are installed in much the same way as gliding blinds or shades, and hidden tilt operators mean that you will be able to enjoy the look of them without having to see items like strings or rods.

5. Curtains

If you aren't keen to have blinds or window film installed, there is still the option of hanging curtains over your sliding door to block out light and provide privacy. You can choose the thickness of the curtains according to how much light you want in the room or according to existing carpets and furnishings. When hanging curtains though, it is recommended that the rail be wider than the sliding door, as this will enable them to be completely out of the way when the door is open.

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