3 Reasons You Should Choose Fibreglass for Your Home’s Entry Doors

One look is all it takes to realize the front and back doors need to be replaced. No amount of work is going to make them look new again, and the poor condition leaves the home somewhat vulnerable to intruders. As you consider different options for replacement, it makes sense to consider what fibreglass entry doors have to offer. Here are three reasons why a door of this type would be ideal for your home.

Enjoying a Higher R-Value

You may not have heard of R-values before, but this is something you need to know before making any choices about those new front and back doors. The R-value has to do with the ability of the material to prevent the flow of heat. What this means is that a door with a higher value will effectively block hot air from entering the home during the warmer months and keep the warm air inside during the cold months.

While all types of doors provide some degree of insulation against the elements, front doors made from fiberglass provide you with one of the higher R-values on the market today. From the moment the door is installed, you'll find that keeping the temperature indoors at a comfortable level is less trouble. You will really notice the difference when you receive your utility bill.

Any Finish That You Want

What sort of finish would you like for the front and back doors? With fibreglass, it's possible to apply a finish that looks just like natural woodgrain. The stain can be as dark or as light as you desire. If a stained door look is not what you have in mind, go with any color that fits in with the scheme used for your home's exterior. There is even the option of using different paint products to come up with the right texture. If you can come up with an idea for the finish, it can be done using this type of door.

The Maintenance is Easy

Some doors are easier to maintain than others, but few of them offer the simplicity of upkeep you find with a fiberglass entry door. Compare this solution with traditional wooden doors. The fibreglass will never warp and you don't have to be concerned about any rotting as the years pass. When compared with different kinds of metal doors, the fibreglass will not dent and there is no potential for rust to develop.

Think of what this means in the years to come. You won't find yourself having to replace or patch sections of the door in an attempt to get a little more use from it. There will be no need to ignore dents or figure out some way to hide the deterioration. Instead, you use a simple cleaning product to keep the door clean. The chances are quite good that you will tire of the door and want to replace it with a different style long before it wears out.

Take your time and compare different Ottawa doors and what they provide. You'll find yourself coming back to take a second look at the fibreglass door options. Go ahead and try one for the front or back door now. After you see how well it works, going back for another door will be an easy decision to make.