Looking For New Windows? This Might Be The Right Time to Consider Vinyl Windows for Your Home

As you make your late spring home inspection, the condition of the windows doesn't exactly fill you with a sense of glee. Don't feel as if you are alone. Many homeowners determine that they need to replace older windows with new counterparts during this time of year. If you feel the time has come for a change, talk with a contractor about the benefits vinyl windows bring to the table. Here are some facts you should know.

The Growing Popularity of Vinyl Windows and Doors

You probably know someone who has chosen to go with vinyl as the material of choice for their replacement windows. Vinyl has become one of the most popular choices over the last decade. In fact, Global Industry Analysts released a report a few years ago indicating that the popularity of vinyl doors and windows would lead to sales of around 163 million units annually by 2017. Should you choose to go with vinyl for your windows, rest assured you are in good company.

The Practical Process of Vinyl Window Installation

There are many reasons why vinyl is such a popular option for replacement windows. One has to do with the ease of installation. When your home is equipped with standard windows already, the vinyl counterparts will be available to slide right in position. In terms of getting the replacement done quickly, you'll be surprised at how quickly a professional can remove the old window framing and have the new vinyl window frame and sashes in place. Depending on the number of windows in your home, the job could be completed in as little as a day.

If you own an older home and the windows are not exactly the same size, don't fret. Of all the options for window materials, vinyl is one of the most forgiving options. It's much easier to adapt a vinyl window to fit a slightly larger or smaller frame than it is to alter metal or wooden windows. In this sense, you can still enjoy a faster installation even if every window in your home is a slightly different size.

Caring for the New Windows

One of the things you'll find is that taking care of these newer windows will be less of a chore. A little light soap and water is all it takes to keep the framework free from dust and dirt. You will still use the same window cleaning products for the glass that you have in the past. Instead of adding to the process of day to day care of the windows, vinyl will make things simpler.

There's also the matter of repairs. You don't have to worry about vinyl deteriorating the way that traditional wood windows do. Vinyl does not warp, so the sashes will continue to move up and down with ease. There is no threat from termites or weather conditions that can case wood to weaken or rot. Vinyl holds up well to all sorts of weather and termites can do nothing to the material. That means your long-term care for the windows will also be much easier to manage.

Throwing Away the Paint Brush

How much time do you spend painting older windows? If you are like most homeowners, those wooden windows require touching up or a complete sanding and fresh coat of paint every couple of years. What would it be like to do away with the painting and the scraping altogether?

With you choose vinyl for your new windows, painting is no longer a necessity. The color is found throughout the material and not just on the surface. The vinyl is also treated to resist fading. All you have to do is clean the windows from time to time and they will look great for decades. The time and energy you save by not having to repaint every couple of years can be diverted for other home maintenance or improvement tasks.

Enjoying Lower Energy Costs

New windows will impact how much you spend on utilities each month. The amount of savings depends on how new energy efficient windows happen to be. Vinyl does create a solid seal on window frames so you will see a noticeable difference in how much energy it takes to heat and cool your home.

The Impact on Your Home's Curb Appeal

Another reason so many homeowners choose to go with vinyl windows in Ottawa is the impact they make on the general appearance of the house. It's true that painting older windows does make them look a little better. Even so, paint will only cover up so many sins. When the window sashes are beginning to sag or are a little warped, no amount of paint will hide that fact when people pass by and look at the home's exterior.

The nice thing about vinyl is that it gets rid of that tired look the older windows give your home. Once the replacements are installed, you'll be surprised at how fresh and attractive your house looks. While it did look nice before, those new windows have made a good thing even better.

You won't be the only one to notice the difference. Neighbors are likely to remark about the difference the new windows make. Quite a few of the people who have not been to your home in some time will also take note. While they may not immediately recognize that the difference is due to the new windows, that you've done something to improve the curb appeal.

If the time has come to get rid of the old windows and invest in something new, give vinyl every consideration. Contact a local contractor and arrange for an inspection as soon as possible. Compare the merits of vinyl with other materials used for window replacements. You'll find that this particular option will provide the benefits offered by other materials and a few more that you will enjoy for a long time.