Repair vs. Replace - Know Your Window Facts before You Tackle a Home Reno Project

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Home renovation projects can be exciting, especially when everything starts coming together and the end results become more visible. However, many property owners end up overspending or trying to repair windows when they should actually be replaced. Below are a few signs to look for, which indicate that windows replacement should be performed instead of trying to repair them.

1. Rising Energy Bills

In most cases, Ottawa windows that are more than a few decades old will no longer be as energy efficient as they were at the time of being installed. This can result in energy bills increasing by as much as 25% - especially in larger homes that have more windows. If you have noticed an increase in your home's energy bill over a period of a few months and you haven't changed your day to day habits, chances are that your home's windows are starting to leak. Newer double and triple-paned Ottawa windows have been deemed to be so energy-efficient that they have been awarded with extremely high Energy Star ratings.

2. Termite Trails

Once windows and doors show signs of termite damage, there is usually very little that can be done to salvage them. These pests are able to cause a significant amount of damage to wooden window frames and doors within a matter of months. Signs that can indicate termite infestation include narrow trails appearing around wooden structures that look like mud and hearing a hollow sound when knocking on a wooden frame or door.

3. Crumbling Wood

After many years, wooden window frames and doors will begin to weather and wear away, regardless of how well you care for them. If you touch window frames and have the wood crumbling in your fingers, your frames are well beyond repair and should instead be replaced with Ottawa vinyl windows. These windows are available in a wide range of style and color options, meaning that they will match your home's décor as well as their original wooden counterparts did.

4. Condensation or Mold between Panes

If your home has double or triple-paned windows, condensation and/or mold can appear between these panes when the windows start to leak. Once this happens, there is no way to actually repair these panes or remove the mold and condensation. The only solution is to have the panes replaced with energy-efficient Ottawa vinyl windows. This will not only prevent air from leaking into your home; it can prevent your family from falling ill as a result of a mold infestation as well.

When performing windows replacement during home renovation projects, it's essential to choose a contractor who is honest, reliable and willing to stand behind any guarantees they provide on their products and workmanship. Here at Big City Windows and Doors, our team is always ready to assist you and ensure that you have the best quality windows and doors installed at the most competitive prices possible. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.