Kick-Start The Patio Season With a Much Needed Home Renovation

This time of year provides an opportunity to get a few things done around the house. The weather is warm enough to manage outdoor projects comfortably but not so warm that you will break much of a sweat. Take advantage of this short period to take care of a few of the home renovations you've been putting off. Here are some of the projects that should be on your agenda.

Making Updates to the Patio Doors

When was the last time you really looked at the patio doors? If you are like many homeowners, the only thing you concern yourself with is whether the glass is clean and if the doors glide along the tracks with ease. Consider taking a closer look and decide if some updates are in order.

For example, you may find that the tracks could use some work. They still function reasonably well, but the doors don't seem to glide quite as easily as in years past. In some cases, a thorough cleaning will be all it takes to remedy the issue. At other times, it might be time to invest in new tracks.

The doors themselves need attention. Have you noticed more hairline scratches on the glass? If so, you may want to talk with an expert about replacing the glass. If the door frames are a standard size, it's possible that investing in new doors would be more cost-effective.

Checking for Tiny Cracks Around Window Frames

Another task that should be on your to-do list is checking for tiny cracks around the window frames. As a home settles, it's only natural for some slight shifting to take place. That shifting can impact the window frames and create miniscule openings along the home facade.

While hard to detect, it's worth the effort to find those cracks and arrange for one of the local caulking services to pay a visit. Those cracks are one of the reasons why you felt a bit of colder air every time you were near a window this past winter. By using caulking to fill in those tiny spaces, it will be easier to cool your home during the summer and consume less energy. That translates into lower energy bills in the months to come.

Checking the Picture Window

Do you have what is known as a picture window in your living room or den? This is a stationary window that features a large and slightly thicker pane of glass. The name comes from the fact that the window frame and the larger pane allows you to look at the landscaping in much the same way you would look at a framed painting.

It's the little things that indicate you need to do something with the picture window. Look closely at the glass and note any tiny cracks in the corners. Depending on how large the cracks happen to be, it's possible they can be filled with the help of an expert.

You also want to check the condition of the frame around the window. Do you see any signs of deterioration or wear? If may be time to replace all or at least part of the framing. Doing so will ensure the picture window is firmly in position and will not rattle on a windy day.

Considering a Complete Window Replacement

If your inspection turns up multiple issues with several windows, it may be time to think about arranging for complete window replacement. This involves removing all the existing windows and replacing them with new energy efficient windows.

Since your home comes with standard sized windows, the project will be relatively easy. Companies that offer window replacement in Ottawa will have easy access to standard windows made of a number of different materials. You can go with wooden components if you like or update to vinyl or metal window frames and sashes.

Remember that this is a wonderful opportunity to consider going with a different window design. Perhaps you've never been completely happy with those roll-out windows found in most of the rooms. Now is your chance to look at different vinyl windows designs and see what you think. Along with the traditional two-sash design, awning windows could be perfect for your home.

Don't Forget the Entry Doors

Just as you spent some time making repairs or updates to the patio doors, devote some attention to the front and back doors. How are they faring in terms of holding up to the weather? A closer look may reveal that a fresh coat of paint or varnish is not enough to restore the appearance or the function.

Like windows, doors that are in less than perfect condition make it harder to heat and cool the home. Minor issues like drafts from seem to come from tiny spaces in between the door frame and the door proper could be costing a lot of money in terms of utility costs.

Would you like a different door design for the front or back entrance? A professional can do more than recommend doors based on the materials. Consider how the curb appeal of your home would be enhanced if you chose a more decorative front door. Don't worry about having to sacrifice durability for design. Many decorative front doors are made using sturdy materials that will hold up well in the years to come.

You also want to think about home security. Entry doors that are weakened by age do make it easier for an intruder to get into your home. By having the professional who is hired to replace your windows also handle the front and back door replacement, you improve the look of the place, reduce energy costs, and ensure your home is more secure.

Today is the perfect time to call an Ottawa window and door expert, and learn more about repair and replacement options. Discuss different approaches and what they would do to make your home more attractive, comfortable, and secure. It won't take long to come up with a plan of action, obtain a quote, and set a start date for the renovation.