From Casement to Double Hung: Your Guide to Finding the Ideal Replacement Window in Ottawa

Ottawa Replacement Windows

When you go through the list of window replacement companies in Ottawa, the list can seem quite long, but the real experts in the capital are here at Big City Windows. As one of Ottawa's top window replacement companies, we have worked with clients to complete installations and provide advice on all things windows and doors Ottawa. Our methods are a little different than the other guys, and with our wide selection of award-winning window designs, you will finally be able to enjoy energy-efficient windows right here in Ottawa.

The Big City Method for Ottawa Replacement Windows

The team at Big City Windows has a tried and trusted method when it comes to window replacements in Ottawa. Our method is as follows:

  • Meet with the client at their home or our showroom
  • Go through the various Ottawa windows that are available
  • Determine if the client is going with vinyl windows or another material that we have in stock
  • Complete order, and start manufacturing the pieces
  • Organize an installation time that works for our client
  • Arrive on-site, and complete installation of your replacement windows
  • Check-over and an availability to answer any questions our client may have
  • Check-in calls 2-3 weeks after to ensure the client is still happy with their windows, and to ensure the installation was completed.

No matter if you are looking for replacement windows here in Ottawa, or new windows and doors, the team at Big City Windows is here to support you in all of your needs in terms of windows Ottawa.

Window Types for Replacement Windows Ottawa

Naturally, not all of our clients want the same window, and this is why we are proud to carry one of the largest selections of replacement windows here in Ottawa. From awning to the casement, the team at Big City Windows has you covered.

Awning Windows

Awning windows have been a popular choice for Ottawa windows due to their ease of use, and functionality during the long hot summers we have in the nations' capital. These windows come in a variety of sizes and shapes but are great for a bedroom or lower floor space due to its compact size.

Awning windows generally are top hinged and will swing out from the frame to open. They provide great airflow and are easily operated by a single handle, which makes them great for basement windows. Further to this, awning windows can also be used as the operable pairing with a picture window to give you great light and ventilation in smaller spaces.

All of our awning windows come factory tested for use and heat and cold bleeding. The nice thing about awning windows is you can find quality hardware that can add to the overall design of the home with ease. From brushed steel or metal or even a pearl white plastic handle, the choice is all yours with an awning window.

As a window itself, awning windows have a distinct look and feel that they can open up space, and bring in natural light with ease. They are a mainstay here in Ottawa due to their functionality and overall look, and as a window replacement company, the team at Big City Windows loves installing these attractive and energy-efficient windows for our clients. No matter if you are looking to open up a basement or want to add some functionality above a picture window, awning windows are a simple and cheap option to achieve this.

These windows will pair perfectly with practically any style you may have in mind for your home, and with a large variety of colors and styles, you will be able to find the perfect trim for your replacement window.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are a great addition if you are looking for quality and great looking option in terms of windows replacement here in Ottawa. The windows themselves are one of the better choices for those who are looking to achieve maximum ventilation, while not sacrificing functionality nor natural light in a space.

A double hung window is one of the most common choices for replacement windows in Ottawa due to their easy cleaning, and straightforward functions. These windows can slide open and closed via both sashes, and most models are also able to tilt into the home to allow for cleaning from inside the home. The windows build a little complex than most window options that we have here in Ottawa, but the actual moving hardware is quite easy to replace and maintain.

Hardware wise, double hung windows have several great options to match the overall motif of the home. This can include anything from plastic easy to use mechanisms to more finished and standout pieces such as brushed bronze. These customizations will allow your window to stand out and will ensure functionality for years to come.

A double hung window is an expensive option for replacement windows here in Ottawa, but the fact of the matter is that they are one of the more versatile options on the market. With its double sash movement, ease of use, and great traditional look, it is hard to imagine a better-designed window that is energy efficient and looks great in practically any home.

The team at Big City Windows has a variety of double-hung windows available, and our technicians and sales team can go through the best options for your home during our initial visit. Whether it be double hung or bay, our team can deliver as one of the top windows company in Ottawa.

OWindow Replacement Company Ottawa

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are the little brother of double hung windows and are a bit simpler of design when compared the complexities that come with double hung. Single hung windows slide open and closed along with the horizontal sash in the middle of the window, and can provide a space with a child-proof design that will open up a room.

As mentioned, single hung windows have a single sash that opens vertically. There is no sophisticated hardware nor a number of pieces. Due to this design, the single hung window is ideal for adverse weather and will not leak nor collect water when open to the elements. This window design has been popularized in places that deal with storms or excessive rain and can work well as a bedroom or office window as it gives the space ventilation even during wind or rain.

Unlike the double hung, the single hung window does not have any functional hardware and can create a clean and usable surface on its sill. This is ideal for opening up your space and fostering some plant life in the home.

As well, when compared to double hung windows, single hung windows are a great price for windows replacement in Ottawa. As there is a lack of sophisticated hardware, these windows are affordable and can be easily used for your window replacement project. For the team at Big City Windows, we carry a wide selection of vinyl windows here in Ottawa including single hung options. With a variety of colors and styles available, we have the ideal single hung vinyl windows that will match your home design motif!

Casement Windows

When you are looking for windows replacement here in Ottawa, casement windows are often one of the most popular options due to their excellent ventilation and ergo friendly crank. As well, known as energy efficient windows, casement windows can keep the heat in which is especially needed during the often tough winters that we have here in the nations' capital.

Casement windows are a side-hinged window that is often installed with a crank to allow the window to swing open. Here in Ottawa, casement windows have grown in popularity due to their ability to bring in a large amount of natural light and can be used in combination with other windows or other casement windows to create an actual bank of windows on an exterior wall.

Typically, casement windows are vinyl windows here in Ottawa, but at Big City Windows we have a variety of colors, styles, and material types to ensure that you get the ideal window for your home. If you are interested, give our team a call, and see how Big City can help deliver as your window replacement company in the capital.

Bay Replacement Windows

Bay windows have been a popular choice for people looking to bring in light, extra square footage and a classy look to a home. These windows are massive and are quite expensive, but when done right, like by the leader for window replacement companies in Ottawa, Big City Windows, they can be a conversation piece.

Bay windows are generally a lot larger than tractional windows and include several picture windows within the design. The normal sizes range from 3-10 feet and can consist of a sill that is 6 inches to 3 feet wide. These windows are also at an angle and can be a 30 degree, 45 degree or 90 degrees from the home. The 90-degree variety is often called a greenhouse or garden bay window due to its looks.

Bay windows are great and can provide a significant bump in your overall square footage and resale price for your home. However, due to the nature of bay windows, they bring in a lot of natural light and heat during the summer. These windows should be treated with Low-E coatings, and during the winter, it might be a good idea to have curtains installed to keep heat in the home.

Finally, bay windows need to be installed correctly, as not only are they are an expensive investment, but they are changing the way your home is on the outside. Only trust a certified and experienced installer like Big City Windows to complete this work. We have been one of the top Ottawa replacement window companies for years and can chat about the best options and a way forward that works within your budget.

Ottawa Windows Options

Ottawa Windows Options

As with all of our windows, we offer a variety of customizations that will ensure that your windows replacements are the perfect accompaniment to your home. This can include the following:

  • Low-E Coatings - Low-E coatings, otherwise known as low emissivity coatings, is one of the best ways to ensure that your windows continue to be energy efficient. These coatings reduce the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that comes into the home, which can help lower cooling costs in the home. As well, this it allows the home to experience a mini-greenhouse effect in the summer as the coating limits heat to escape which in turn can keep those pesky Hydro Ottawa and gas bills down!
  • Double or triple-paned windows - Long gone are the days of the single pane window, and instead, the industry norm is now double-paned windows. These windows do an excellent job at preventing energy transfer in both the winter and summer, but naturally, the triple panned option is better. However, triple pane windows do come with an expense, and for most clients, the double-pane option is the more economical of the two.
  • Energy Star Rating - Energy Star looks at the greater climate and the average temperatures to find a score and grade for energy star approvals for windows. IN Ottawa, we are considered to reside in climate zone 2, and thus, you should be looking for a window with at least an ER rating of 29 to be considered energy star certified.

For the team at Big City Windows, replacement windows and specifically vinyl windows are our specialty. We have worked long and hard to establish our brand here in Ottawa, and since our founding, our focus has been on producing and installing the most exquisite vinyl windows for our clients here in Ottawa. Call our team today, and see why so many in Ottawa have trusted our experts for all things Ottawa windows!