First Signs to Replace your Windows

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Owners commonly neglect and remain ignorant in regards to the life/health span of their Ottawa windows. They tend to brush off the telltale warning signs that indicate it may be time for them to purchase some replacements. It is essential to be aware of these marks to prevent any issues from arising in the future and perhaps save a couple of hundred bucks in the meantime. Below are a couple of symptoms that are associated with the deteriorating condition of these architectural assets.

1. Poor soundproofing - has the quality of sound insulation from the outside world drastically decreased over the years? Can you regularly hear the wind whistling from the outdoors? Can you hear stray cats meow through the walls? The ability of older windows to cancel out noise is not the best since their seal begins to loosen as time goes on and treatments fade.

2. Higher utility costs - after windows reach a certain age, they become increasingly less efficient at inhibiting the outside temperatures from entering. Consequently, the air conditioner/heater end up having to work harder to compensate for the amount of air lost. That is a tremendous amount of energy and money lost.

3. Difficulty operating - even if one does not participate in the gym or practice sports, it should not be difficult for them to open up their window. If its operation transforms into a dreaded struggle, this may be a hint that it is time to purchase a new set.

4. Signs of decay - if you notice any signs of moulding, deformation, decay, moisture build-up etc that is a sure-fire sign that it is time to replace your windows.

Varieties of Windows

Casement windows

Conceivably, the title of the most classic and cost-efficient operable window should perhaps belong to this crank version. Its iconic appearance consists of a couple of hinges attached to one side of the frame. This particular design allows for the sash to open a full 90 degrees horizontally when desired.


On-demand ventilation - With the twist of a crank, casements manage to open up a comprehensive 90 degrees horizontally - enabling air to pass as it pleases.

Assuring security - Unsurprisingly enough, this sort of transom is considered to be the most secure operable variety on the market. Since there exists no method to turn the crank from the outside, it is virtually impossible for a burglar to sneak into your house through a casement.

Cost efficient - Operable casement windows are the second most cost-efficient windows on the market (second only to their fixed-pane version). Upon closing, an airtight seal is created by the sash firmly pressing against the frame. This seal obstructs the leakage of any air; meaning the a/c or heater won't have to work as hard.

Easy cleaning - Thanks to the crank's aid, it is possible for residents to open the sash wide enough to clean the exterior glass from within your home.


Inability to install air conditioners - Unfortunately, the sash of this particular design does not extend enough to accommodate basic a/c units. If necessitated, one will need to expend more savings than the general consumer to buy one specifically for casements/sliders.

UV reflection - Depending on the angle of the sun and the opened sash, unwelcomed piercing sun rays may find it's way into the room. If you live in an unusually sunny area, this may not be the one for you.

Size restrictions - Due to their unique ability to open outwards side-to-side, their design comes with some size restrictions. They are manufactured to be longer than broad. Their range is typically 1'8" - 2'8" broad and from 4'2" - 6'6" high.

Cost: As of 2019, the average price of casement windows Ottawa and the southern parts of Ontario ranges between $250 to $1850. The sales point differs depending on the brand, material, personal customizations, and size.

Awning windows

Awning windows are a part of the crank family. Comparable to the casement, they are capable of opening a full 90 degrees. However, rather than horizontally, they move in a vertical direction with hinges attached on the top.


Weather Tight - Awning windows are a superb choice in damp/wet climates. They allow for ventilation even during rain/hail without the risk of water seepage thanks to their unique composition.

Easy cleaning- Since awning windows are operable and the sash can be angled in different positions, cleaning the frame is made a little less difficult.

Security - Thanks to their usage of cranks and the storm windows mounted within them, sneaky entry to the house is made quite difficult for intruders.


High maintenance - The sashes exposed upon opening get weatherbeaten and dirtied much faster than other windows. Especially since the sashes are slanted. To avoid any mishaps, frequent cleaning is recommended.

Poor escape route - In the case of a fire, the path through an awning window is one of the worst choices to take. Since awnings are not tall and have screens and storm windows installed on the inside, escape is made a lot more arduous for the average victim.

Space requirement - To support the sash (as it is operated vertically), awning windows are designed to be broader than they are long. If you are not looking to take up much length from your wall, they may not be the best option.

Inconvenient obstructions - While attractive, the projecting sashes do require free space to open up. If you live in a place with many shrubs, trees, traffic, or any other potential obstacles near the house, this variety may not be for you.

Cost: Awning windows are of the same price range as their cousins (the casements). They can be purchased for a price anywhere between $250 and $1850.

Bay/bow windows

Bay Windowsin Ottawa

These beauties are magnificent when it comes to adding dimension and elegance to any sort of residence. Inspired by Victorian architecture, these windows are built to protrude forward and are formed by the combination of multiple smaller windows.

Bay windows are designed to possess one central window and some side windows, offering a more outstanding angular shape.

The configuration of bow windows, on the other hand, consists of five congruent glass panes protruding outward to form what resembles a semi-circular form.


Brightens living area - Both windows offer a grand amount of glass surface area which enables the entrance of more sunlight into the residence. This is perfect if you are looking to avoid a dreary dark atmosphere.

Adds space - Bay and bow windows protrude out of the wall and end up creating a deep sill situation within the room. This is an area that can be used for reading, painting, etc.

Boosts real estate price - As stated by Russel Sage, "Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value". Consumers looking to buy a residence on the market are often attracted to beauty. Bay and bow windows are perhaps one of the most eye-catching stand-out replacement windows one can invest in. They always manage to increase the sales point of any house simply due to their uniquely stunning appearance.


Cost - Because of the amount of material they require to be built, bay/bow windows are often a lot more expensive than the average Ottawa replacement window.

Beaming morning brightness - Because the windows have a lot of glass surface area, more light is able to penetrate into the room. This may not be the most enjoyable feature in the morning, especially if you are a night-owl. This can, however, be fixed, with the right treatment methods and suitable curtains.

Installation problems - While it may seem very tempting to skip out on the installation fees, if done incorrectly, costly problems are bound to arise in the near future.

Single hung windows


Affordability - Single hung windows are easily one of the most affordable window replacements on the market (cost below). This is perfect in case of tight budget restrictions.

Cost efficiency - Single hung windows are more cost-efficient than their doubled counterpart since only one of the sashes is operable and the other is fixed. Seeing as fixed pane windows are sealed tight, air leakage is reduced to a minimum.


Limited ventilation - Single hung windows only offer a single operable sash. This means that while it may be more cost-efficient, ventilation is greatly limited.

Cost: The average cost of hung Ottawa replacement windows is estimated to start anywhere around $100 up to $400 per window.

Double hung windows


Affordability - All varieties of hung windows tend to lean toward the lower end of the price range which is definitely a score if you or anyone you know is dealing with a tight budget.

Increased Ventilation - Seeing as both sashes are operable, this replacement window offers a great amount of ventilation which can be adjusted accordingly when needed.

Easy cleaning - Due to the fact that the sashes can tilt up and down vertically, cleaning will not pose much of an issue when being done in the comfort of your own home.


Cost efficiency - The cost-efficiency of double hung windows is not the greatest seeing as both windows are operable and do not create enough of an air-tight seal upon closing. This, in turn, may affect utility bills at the end of the month.

Sash mishaps - Depending on the quality of the item in question, there have been some reports and complaints from consumers of the sash falling out due to gravity and time.

Price - Unfortunately, double hung windows are inevitably more expensive than their single companion since they do possess more mechanical parts. Its price range is around 10-20% more expensive than the single version.

Single/ Double slider windows

Single slider windows and double slider windows are a popular choice for those looking for that traditional, classic, chic look. They are designed with one or two operable sashes that can be horizontally slid open or closed.


Limited space occupation - Slider windows lay flat and do not protrude outward when operate. This is of useful knowledge to those with smaller rooms since they occupy the bare minimum amount of square footage.

Simple operation - These are perhaps one of the most simple/least complicated operable architectural products on the window market. All it takes is a push or pull to encourage or impede outside air infiltration.


Dirt build-up - As time goes on, in between the nooks and crannies of the mechanical parts may appear a build-up of dirt/rust. This can make opening and closing much more strenuous.

Lacking energy efficiency - Sadly, slider windows are not the most airtight windows around since they are required to be easy to open by pulling and to close by pushing. For this reason, the sash cannot press against the frame to create a strong enough airtight seal without modifications/upgrades.

What to Look For in Window Replacement Companies

Replacing your windows is a big step in upgrading the value/comfort of your home if done right. However, finding a replacement window that will satisfy your needs in terms of appearance, durability, and performance can be difficult if not done right.

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Always make sure to do your research and look for window replacement companies that have been in business for a decent amount of time and a good reputation. Look for the following key points when making your final decision:

Credibility/Certifications - It is of utmost importance that you verify the certifications of the company as to avoid any costly mishaps. Be certain that each of the workers has earned their degree and are professionals in handling the installation of your new window replacements. In addition, while this may seem trivial, ask for documentation and look for labels that prove it's worth.

Warranties - Any purchase of a window should usually be accompanied by a warranty. Always make sure to verify the warranty details offered by the company before investing in one of its products as a smart financial security measure.

Cost - Be wary of extremely low prices. As the saying goes; "You get what you pay for.". While a cheap cost may appear alluring, it is important to keep in mind the quality of the product you are paying for. If in the end, the window replacement fails to live up to your expectations, you may end up paying thousands of more dollars in the long run.

Reviews - Do not be shy and ask around for past testimonies and experiences. Look online and assess the overall consensus left by past consumers. This will provide you with more in-depth insight into the overall service you may potentially receive.

At the end of the day, it is up to the consumer to decide what fits his/her needs the most. If you are on a tight budget perhaps consider hung windows. If you are looking for something cost-effective in the long run, casement windows should be right up your alley. If at the end of all this it is still difficult for you to decide and you are looking for an Ottawa replacement window, feel free to contact the professionals at Big City Windows. We will gladly offer you a free quote and professionally assess the situation of your home as soon as we possibly can. Over here we offer a variety of top quality vinyl windows that make sure to leave you feeling satisfied if not more.

Trust us, and if not, trust past consumer testimonies on HomeStars. Feel free to contact us by telephone at 613-737-0077 or 613-707-8477 or our email regarding our wide range of Ottawa replacement windows.