Fiberglass Vs. Wood Doors: What Should I Choose for My New Home?

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With the plans for the home renovation including new doors, it makes sense to look for the most practical replacements. It wouldn't hurt to make choices that add some curb appeal to the property. Many homeowners wonder about the merits of fiberglass doors versus wooden doors. Here are some important points to keep in mind before making a choice.

Resistance to Weather and Sun Damage

When it comes to choosing a new front door, take a moment to think about how the weather changes during the year. What sort of exposure will the door be subjected to as the seasons pass? Even if the home design has the front door protected by a porch or some other aspect of the structure, there is still some exposure to wind, rain, snow, and heat to consider.

In terms of resistance, fiberglass doors have a lot to offer. They will not warp as the years pass and the material won't rot. When the door is treated with a protective coating, the color will not fade. That's true even if the door is exposed to direct sunlight for most of the day.

Keep in mind that wooden doors can also be treated with protecting agents that help to minimize the potential for warping and rotting. How often that treatment must be administered will depend on the quality of the wood and how much direct exposure is experienced over the course of the year.

Energy Efficiency

Most homeowners understand the need to invest in energy efficient windows. The same level of care is not always given to the selection of font doors. In fact, the doors that provide entry to the home can have just as much impact on controlling the temperature inside as making sure the windows are solid and high in quality.

In order to enjoy the best control of the indoor temperature, it pays to think about using doors made with fiberglass. The material minimizes the transference of heat and cold. Thanks to the way the doors can be designed, there is not much room left for seepage around the jam or the threshold.

Solid wooden doors are a better choice than some of the other options, but they will require more upkeep in order to maintain the highest level of energy efficiency. A homeowner who would rather purchase a door and not have to be concerned with doing much other than routine cleaning would do well to check out fiberglass designs.

Design and Style Options

Fiberglass and wooden doors both offer many options for styles and designs. That's true for front doors, back doors, and even for residential garage doors. If the homeowner finds a wood door with the right design elements, rest assured that it's possible to find a fiberglass door with the same look.

Take the time to compare the pros and cons of each choice carefully. Don't forget to ask about door warranties and what is covered in the terms and conditions. With a little time and attention to detail, it is possible to come up with the ideal solution.