Do Vinyl Windows Hold Up in Ottawa Winters?

There's no doubt that the weather gets rough during the winter. In Ottawa, residents can look forward to lots of snow, bone chilling winds, and lots of ice. With that in mind, does it make sense to invest in vinyl windows for an upcoming windows replacement? In fact, this choice is one that deserves close attention. Here are some points to keep in mind.

Expansion and Contraction

There's no such thing as a window material that doesn't react to changes in the weather. This is true of vinyl as well as wood or metal windows.

The important thing to keep in mind is working with a contractor who installs window designs that help to minimize the impact of contraction during cold weather.

One important element to consider is the design of the window framing. Does the design include the use of screws that help to keep the frame components in place? Perhaps the frame is heat-welded to ensure that the contraction is kept to a minimum and tiny gaps won't appear. Asking questions about the window frame and how it will hold up during the middle of the Ottawa winter will allow the homeowner to make an informed decision.

Insulating Properties

One of the benefits that come with installing Ottawa vinyl windows is the excellent insulating properties they offer. Vinyl does not transfer heat as easily as other options. The same cannot be said for aluminum windows. There are also ways to design the windows proper that increase the insulating effect. With the right vinyl windows in place, the homeowner will find that the cost of keeping the indoor temperature at a comfortable level will require less energy. That translates into lower heating costs for the entire winter.

The Window Performance From Year to Year

It's one thing to make it through one or two Ottawa winters, but will the vinyl windows hold up to repeated severe cold? The answer depends on the quality of the materials used for the original window construction. As is true with any kind of windows, some manufacturers will use materials that barely meet industry standards. Those windows are not likely to provide the same level of protection and insulation as the years pass.

By contrast, choosing to work with one of the Ottawa window companies that only carry the highest grade of vinyl windows eliminates most of the potential issues. While it may mean spending a little more for those higher quality windows, the investment will pay off in the form of having vinyl windows that resist the cold and the wind, and keep their shape for many years.

Before making a choice about the new windows, sit down with an expert and go through the pros and cons associated with each type of window material. Pay close attention to the potential for issues like cracking, warping, and heat transference. Check energy ratings and get an idea of what to expect from those new windows when winter rolls around. With a little time and patience, the homeowner will make a decision that turns out to be the right one.