Decorative Glass Doors Becoming a Hot Trend in Ottawa

One look through home design magazines in Ottawa is all it takes to realize glass doors are more popular than ever. From graceful glass doors for the front entry to a set of French doors leading to a patio, there are all sorts of ways to add a touch of style to the glass. Here are some of the more popular approaches that homeowners in Ottawa are using right now.

Opting for Etched Glass

The use of etched glass is one of the most practical ways to invest in a decorative glass door and still enjoy all the benefits provided by the glass. Consider using this approach for your front door. The design etched into the glass can draw on the style of your home as inspiration. Your personal design preferences can also provide the basis for a few ideas. Even your hobbies may provide some clues about what sort of etching would be best.

Keep in mind etched glass does not mean weak glass. It's possible to use clear fiberglass for this type of project and still achieve the look you want. Fiberglass entry doors are sturdy, hold up well to the elements, and provide plenty of security. A contractor can point out the ways these doors can include etched glass sections and still provide all the benefits you want.

How About Glass Tinting?

Another option is to install tinted glass in your existing doors. One of the things you may not realize is that the right tint will not block your view of the outside, but it does prevent anyone outside from peering into the house. If you like your privacy but also enjoy being able to look through the door glass and see who is ringing the doorbell, tinting is an excellent option.

One advantage of tinting is that it typically involves a single color. When your decorating style leans more toward clean lines and simple furnishings, that one color approach will fit right in and still add some pop to the overall look of the place.

Classic Stained Glass

Perhaps you like the idea of using stained glass for the front door and maybe even other doors leading to the outside. While more expensive, the glass used can be reinforced to prevent breakage. As with the etching, go with a design and colors that fit your tastes and will be a true asset in terms of the home's appearance.

You can consider going with stained glass doors for interior use as well as for the Ottawa entry doors. The right design on bedroom and kitchen doors will add more visual appeal to those inside areas. By choosing a design and color scheme that is versatile, you won't have to worry about replacing the glass if you want to change any of the other elements of the home decorating.

If you like the idea of adding or making changes to glass doors in your home, contact a professional today. Explore these and other options for transforming those doors so they provide the look that you want. In many cases, making the changes will be much easier and more cost effective than you anticipated.