4 Ways Historic Windows Architecture Energizes the Look of Modern Homes

Contemporary home designs certainly have their advantages. While you want to make the most of those benefits, there's also the desire to make your home as attractive and comfortable as possible. One way to enhance the modern amenities is to think about using at least some historic elements for the windows. Here are some of the ways that drawing on the window architecture of the past will add style and visual appeal to your modern home.

Providing the Home With More Character and Function

One of the first things you'll notice about those older window designs is that they did more than serve some useful purpose. In many homes, they provided a way of adding more character to the interior and exterior of the home. Using the architectural shapes and designs of bygone eras can do the same thing for your house.

For example, have you ever wondered about the use of dormer windows along the tops of exterior windows. You may have also seen them used above interior doors. Once upon a time, those dormer windows make it possible to create more air flow through the home without having to keep the lower windows open.

In your modern home, dormer windows would add character to the place and also serve a purpose. Think of what it would be like to leave the smaller dormer windows over your bedroom windows open at night. You get the benefit of a cool breeze while you sleep without any worries about someone crawling through the window in the middle of the night.

The Diversity of Older Window Designs

Another way that historic windows benefit your modern home is the range of designs. Perhaps you have never spend time researching how many designs were popular in times past. Some of them would work well in your house in terms of function and appearance.

One example to consider is the use of what is knowing as awning windows. These windows are single sashes that fill the entire window frame. Instead of sashes that move up and down on tracks, an awning window is hinged at the top. You open the window by disengaging the lock at the base of the sill and swinging the window outward.

What does this particular window design provide? In terms of appearance, it can make the somewhat plain look of a ranch style house more visually interesting. From a practical point of view, these windows can be opened even if it's raining. Just as an awning placed over a window helps to reduce the amount of precipitation that can come through the opening, the awning window design prevents rain from entering the home while still providing a way to allow fresh air into the space.

Awning windows are not your only choice. Explore historic design that swing from side to side or retract into the wall. At least one of those designs is sure to attract your attention.

Adding Detail to a Practical Element of your Home

It's often the little details that make a house into the type of home people want. As in decorating, choosing to draw on some historical elements for your windows provides the something extra needed to set your home apart from the other places on the block.

When you choose to go with some additional detail, such as scrollwork on the window framing, a double hung window is not just functional. It also serves as a decorative element in the room. Thanks to this approach, you can actually use a wider range of window treatments in the space. Instead of being something that you want to cover up, you'll likely choose a window treatment that shows off the details of the window frame.

Like most homeowners, you will want to redecorate from time to time. The detail on those historically-inspired windows can be one of the elements that help you come up with new decorating ideas. Perhaps the theme of the scrollwork gives you some ideas about colors, furniture styles, and other key aspects of the new decorating scheme. Thanks to the ideas that the windows inspire, the task of giving a room a complete makeover will be a lot more fun.

Enhancing the Market Value

It's true that you don't plan on selling the home for a number of years. Even so, now is the right time to invest in vinyl windows Ottawa that are designed to last for decades and add a bit of style to your home. Windows that draw on tasteful elements from last year provide one more reason for prospective buyers to take a second look at the place.

The right choice of historic window designs provides something unexpected to those who come to open houses or arrange for private visits. Many people simply don't expect to see such elements in a modern home. When they do, a significant number of them will be pleasantly surprised by the choice of window designs. That surprise could be the final factor that motivates them to put in an offer.

Keep in mind that windows with historic elements alone will not sell your house. The place still has to be in reasonably good condition to attract buyers. What those windows will do is build on the positive impression you've already created by keeping the landscaping in proper shape, maintained the heating system to best effect, and in general made sure buyers can see themselves moving in without the need to make any major renovations.

If you are in the process of building a new house or remodeling one that you've recently acquired, now is the tie to contact one of the energy efficient windows Ottawa companies and have a contractor pay a visit. Discuss ways to include historic window architecture into the contemporary home design and still enjoy the benefits of energy efficient windows. After going over the merits of several different styles, you'll find it easy to choose windows that enhance the look of the your home and provide all the practical advantages you want.