3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Windows

Residential windows don't last forever. In fact, many experts agree that if you are able to get as much as 30 years of use from them, you are doing quite well. Since you've been in the home for a number of years and are getting close to retiring the mortgage, you may want to think about investing in new windows soon. Here are three of the more common signs that action needs to be taken sooner rather than later.

Opening and Closing the Windows is Better Than Going to the Gym

Older windows can develop a number of quirks that makes it difficult to open and close the sashes.

Keep in mind that you can always go with the same style of window if you like. What you will get is an updated version that is less likely to develop the same issues. For example, the reason behind the difficulty operating your current single hung tile windows has to do with the condition of the wood and the failing hardware. New windows in the same style can be made using a material other than wood. As for the hardware, many of the essentials you would need are more resistant to corrosion and damage than the older hardware you have on the current windows.

Nothing Makes the Older Windows Look Better

You've faithfully scraped, used window caulking, and invested in new glazing over the years but those windows don't look any better. If anything, they seem to look a little worse every year. The fact is that no amount of cosmetic work is going to turn back the clock and make those aging windows look new again.

Instead of continuing to spend money on trying to restore those older windows, talk with an expert about replacing them. Don't be shy about discussing the merits of different materials or even a completely different window design. More than one style is likely to work just fine with your home and a change could be just what the place needs to look better than ever.

You Are Tired of High Heating and Cooling Costs

The heating and cooling system in your home is among the best. With excellent energy ratings, the utility bills should be lower. Instead, they seem to creep up a little more each year. The issue is not the efficiency of the HVAC system. It's all about the condition of those older windows.

If the home is an older design, chances are the panes are not all that thick. That allows for more heat and cold transference through the glass. Combine that with the fact you feel a definite draft whenever you are standing or sitting near a window and it's obvious that quite a bit of air is seeping into the home. It's no wonder your HVAC unit runs constantly; it's attempting to offset the steady flow of hot or cold air entering through the windows and keep the inside at a comfortable level.

Replacing the older casement windows will finally end the seepage and the drafts. Your heating and cooling system will run less often and the utility bills will finally decrease. As a plus, less wear and tear on the system means your HVAC unit will last for more years.

Don't put up with inferior windows one more day. Call a contractor and make plans for a complete replacement. You'll save money in the long run and be a lot more comfortable.